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Inspired of that really useful tuning instructions for the Vectra C at Torstens pages I want to show also another re-tooling guidance.

I do not take over guarantee for correctness and completeness, just as I do not know whether the works at the mirror do affect the operating permit for the vehicle ...
In the case of doubt leave your fingers of this change !

Automatic-dimming Rearview Mirror

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Complete Sight (still without cover)

First part: Disassembly of the old mirror
Push the plasic-cap at the foot in direction of the mirror and then pull the small metal handle on the foot slightly away from the windscreen. The mirror can then be moved downward along the windscreen from its mounting rail.

Second part: The new mirror
At the foot of the mirror you will find a broad plug, on one row are the signals for the dimming mechanism, on the other row those of the two adjustment engines and potentiometers for the driver-dependent position.
For the background of automatic-dimming there is an explanation of the manufacturer Gentex.

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pin signal
 1  supply Kl.15 (plus, black cable)
 2  supply Kl.31 (mass, brown cable)
 3  input??? (grey cable)
 4  input??? (white/black cable)
 5  output for dimming the outer rear view mirror (pink cable)
 6  supply Kl.31 (mass pink cable)
Actually you have just to attach the pins 1 and 2 to 12 Volts - the two signals fortunately can be found in the roof console module.
Mechanically the mounting rail at the windscreen fits exactly to the new mirror, however on both sides the metal handles for the rain sensor cover still disturb. Best saw them off, then you (connected with much artwork) can put the cover of the old mirror again over the foot. I simply removed the cables for the mirror adjustment and replaced the thick plug by a smaller Version .

Third part: Roof console module modification

geocities mirror
pin signal
 1  supply Kl.31 (mass, blue/red cable)
 2  scale/symbol illumination (grey cable, PWM signal for the symbol illumination)
 3  supply Kl.15 (continuous plus, brown cable)
 5  door contact (brown/white cable, PWM dimmed interior light)
(How to dismount the roof console can be read on the side of PUT Schelper.)
Actually it should be enough to connect pin 1 and pin 2 of the mirror with pin 3 and pin 1 of the roof console but unfortunately the battery unloading protection mechanism of the Vectra C does not always function with that: The mirror is remains powered on (with LED on and full dimming approx.. 200mA), until an helping angel comes to restart your car. Therefore a small circuit must be inserted which evaluates the signal of the symbol illumination and supplys the mirror only when the headlights are activated:

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Spiegel = mirror, Dachkonsole = roof console, schwarz = black

Over the diode the condenser is loaded, so that the darlington transistor BC875 is not switched on/off by pulse width modulated symbol illumination current (flickerfree 100Hz, 2 - 100% duty cycle, ca. 12 V), but through-steered continuously, as soon as the symbols are minimum illuminated.(The resistor with 4k7 prevents that the transistor is partly connected through by interferences.)
I build up the circuit on a small piece of hole raster plate, isolated it with much insulating tape and connected with short cables directly to the roof console. The transistor is always completely connected through also with smallest density of light, therefore it does not warm up too much.

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At last:
  • Which I find somewhat awkward , that will be the same way in the series equipment: The mirror darkens also completely off if one puts on the front seat passenger read lamp...
  • Which has the standard against it still as feature, it is that the mirror does not dim with inserted reverse gear...

1.  inner rear view mirror, OPEL part number 24,438,233
    (costs approximately €40, - - at, for instance € 180, - - at OPEL)
2.  approx.. 20cm 3-pole cable
3.  plug and socket
4.  transistor BC875
5.  3,3kOhm 1/4W resistor
6.  4,7kOhm 1/4W resistor
7.  diode 1N4148 (however 1N4001 or similar does it, too)
8.  condenser 220µF, 40V (temperature range of automotive -40/+85 degrees celsius minimum!)
9.  A small piece of hole raster plate
All data refer here to my knowledge conditions on the basis a Vectra C GTS, 1.8L ECOTEC, EZ 01/2003. (log)
Who can give me further information about the two signals at the mirror or the reverse gear functionality, mail to me!!! I am also grateful for other comments and information!

Copyright © 2005 Christian


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