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Akito Kaneta, a japanese professor known for his Kaneda amplifiers invested a lot of thoughts in modifying the Technics SP-10 family. This resulted in a unique motor-control-circuit and plans for building a suitable plinth for the deck. Thanks to Mr.Aschenbrenner from Auditorium23 for the material shown here.

The motor-control

These circuits were published by Mr.Kaneta in one of his books around audio electronics. You can find the relevant passages (all in japanese), circuit-diagrams and layouts here. Instead of a quartz-control a quite advanced frequency-generator for the reference signal is used. This motor-control is especially suited for upgrading a Technics SP10Mk1. Note that there might be problems to get hold of some of the older components used here. The circuit-diagram:

The plinth

The SP-10 was stripped off, all electronics are located in a separate housing. Like many japanese audiophiles Mr.Kaneta preferred the old faithful SME3012 tonearm. The plinth pictured here was made from lime tree wood after the original plans from Mr.Kaneta.

A lot of wood:

boards ready:

from bottom to top:

close view of top-board:

almost finished:

side view:

with motor:


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