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1980.htm135 Kb1012.htm8 Kcontent_88.htm12 Kl1015.htm8 K
1981.htm160 Kb1020.htm9 Kcontent_89.htm15 Km1001.htm7 K
1982.htm148 Kbeispielchart.htm1 Kcontent_firm.htm4 Km1010.htm5 K
1983.htm164 Kc1001.htm8 Kd1001.htm7 Km1012.htm8 K
1984.htm190 Kc1010.htm6 Kd1010.htm7 Km1015.htm12 K
1985.htm172 Kc1012.htm10 Kf1001.htm6 Km1020.htm10 K
1986.htm179 Kc1015.htm7 Kf1010.htm7 Km1025.htm11 K
1987.htm178 Kc1020.htm9 Kg1001.htm10 Km1030.htm10 K
1988.htm178 Kcontent_80.htm14 Kg1010.htm11 Km1035.htm5 K
1989.htm191 Kcontent_81.htm15 Ki1001.htm9 Kmenu.htm4 K
a1001.htm9 Kcontent_82.htm16 Kindex.html6 Kp1001.htm5 K
a1010.htm5 Kcontent_83.htm16 Kinhalt_mm.htm9 Kp1010.htm5 K
a1015.htm10 Kcontent_84.htm14 Kk1010.htm16 Ks1001.htm13 K
archivp.htm26 Kcontent_85.htm14 Kk1015.htm9 Kt1001.htm7 K
b1001.htm11 Kcontent_86.htm14 Kl1001.htm15 Ktitel.htm5 K
b1010.htm15 Kcontent_87.htm12 Kl1010.htm7 K