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Melbourne-Adelaide-Alice Springs-Cairns with Australian Airlines, April 1993

This is my second part of the whole 1993 Australia Trip Report. There is still one part missing. It will follow later on. Those of you that read the first part know that I was Down Under with my family when I was six. This is the second part of a trip report that explains how a six year old Swiss boy saw aviation in 1993.

After we arrived in SYD we spent about a week there exploring the Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo, the Blue Mountains and much more. After one week we took a coach liner to Bateman`s Bay (NSW), Lakes Entrance (VIC) and eventually to Melbourne. After staying a few days in the capital of Victoria we continued our travel by plane.


Flight: TN22 (old Australian Airlines)

Date: 22 April 1993

Equipment: Boeing 737-376

Reg: unknown

Departure time: about 7am

This day I had to get up very early. I think it was 5 am when my dad got up. I caught some more sleep and got up at about 5.30 am. Everyone was tired when we were waiting for the taxi that would bring us to Tullamarine Airport. Somehow we all managed not to fall asleep again and we stowed our bags and drove out to the airport. We got a last view of beautiful Melbourne town that has something similar to Basel: The tramway`s color is green.

The taxi ride must have lasted hours as when ever I thought we had reached the airport I was wrong and it lasted again 15 minutes to come there.

After having cleared check-in we proceeded to the departure gate. There was a flight to Taipei waiting to be pushed back. The plane looked awesome but I don`t remember anymore what airline it was.

While boarding the stewardess gave my a bag with a drawing book, a sticker and some other Australian Airlines stuff. While on cruising altitude on the way to Adelaide I asked to stewardess for a Coke. As it was quite early in the morning she asked if could not better wait for at least another hour or so…Somehow I managed to get that Coke anyway. =)

Then it was time for landing. Not at ASP but at Adelaide. The flight consisted of two segments (MEL-ADL and ADL-ASP). I can`t remember if there probably was a third segment from Alice Springs to Darwin. We did not get to see too much of Adelaide. We only were at the gate and waited for our flight to continue.

On both segments I enjoyed to watch how the flaps on the 737 were working it was pretty funny to see that there are some things coming out of the wing before landing. For some reason I did not realize that there was something moving out there. On the segment to ASP a flight attendant came to me. She asked my mother if I would like to come up to the cockpit and have a look in there. She translated the question into German and I said yes (naturally, who does not want to go into a cockpit?).

The landing in Alice Springs was very smooth and I was very impressed by the environment of the airport. I never ever had seen a landscape as dry as the “Red Centre”. It was my first time to see a desert in real.


Flight: TN299 (old Australian Airlines)

Date 26 April 1993

Equipment: British Aerospace BAe146

After having seen the Red Centre of Down Under our journey went on. This flight went from the dry Desert of the Northern Territory to the Wet Tropics of Queensland. It departed in ASP at about 16.00 in the afternoon. This meant that we could have lunch in town before we had to be at the airport. For a last time we enjoyed a ride on one of the Alice Springs buses and we had the whole bus only for us… how nice…

When we entered the aircraft my sister and me got the usual children stuff: a book with some drawings to finish and a lot of other things like crosswords and comics. This time I tried to read the book as I was not that impressed anymore by the flight as I was for the first few times. My mom helped me with translating the sentences into German (as usual, she`s great!). The only thing I understood by myself was the description of some aircraft with many numbers. Nowadays I`m still better in reading numbers than in reading any written language. I think they explained only the Boeing 737 aircraft by numbers. I can`t remember any a/c being shown in this booklet. I also tried to solve the crosswords (some words written in each other and the whole thing upwards, downwards, reversed….) which also occupied me for quite a long time.

I do not remember too much of the landing other than it was dark outside and that I got another look into a cockpit when we were on the ground.