Wake Up The King
Walk On Fighting
Wash Away The Poison
We Don't Need A Hero
When A Hero Cries
Wings Of A Dream

Wake Up The King

Soldier of sunlight,
Welcome to the kingdom of ignorance
Where all the tears of ages tell their tales.
No one dares to break the spell,
No one dares to fly.
Time is running out, you can't deny.

How many times have you found
Yourself under the influence?
How many times has a mirror made you cry?
Now it's time to stand upright,
Tear down your inner door!
The birth of yourself can't wait no more...

In your mind there's a battle raging on.
Try to find what you're fighting for!

Wake up the king
From his sleep in your fantasy!
Wake up the king!
Let him be all your ecstasy!

Tears flow to rivers
And rivers to oceans of broken dreams.
Have you ever heard of tears of joy?
Show yourself a sense of life,
Open up your eyes:
Let your heartbeat be your best advice!

In your eyes I can see the fire burn.
Realize: now it is your turn!


Look at the mountain, look at the sun.
Feel all the pure energy!
Birds fly and whisper,
Call out your name.
They belong to you and
You're the king of a kingdom.
Light in your hand,
Look at what you have never seen!
Walk on a rainbow, look to the stars.
Cry it out and make your dream come true!

[solo: both / Jens / repeat]

Can't you see the crown?

Walk On Fighting

The ivory is cold, where is my desire
In a cage of gold, not a trace of fire
Ice cold as ice.
I'm heading for tomorrow
I am tired of waiting,
I'll beg and steal and borrow

Life is too short to be wasted
So why do I sit around
Dance on the edge of a razor
Get off the ground and I'll never return

Walk on fighting
Don't look ever back
Walk on fighting
Don't you look back to your cries

[short fill: Jens & Dirk]

The phone it waits in silence,
No message left by you
There is no use in crying.
I know I've been a fool
Now it is too late, no words left to say
I gotta call it fate.
Forget and look away

[repeat / solo: Jens]

Walk on fighting...


Wash Away The Poison

Here alone now I'm staring at the sea
Behind the far horizon
Is there a better place for me?
Afraid to drown, afraid to dive
Scared by fears and the hot sunlight, yeah

And I dance in the rain,
Dive in the pool of life
Wash away the poison
And I dance through this pain,
My body in a starless night
To wash away the poison
From my soul, turn it to gold

Between the devil and the deep sea
I don't know how to carry on
I only feel that inner force
That's pushing me along

The tides of life bring clarity
To my tumbling mind
I'll dive to see, set me free

[repeat / solo: both / repeat]

We Don't Need A Hero

When you wake up in the fire
And your harbor lies in ruins
You wonder why the giant has been shot
Fired off down from the sky

You plead for explanation
Is it accident or rule
And where is your childhood hero
To drive all the demons away

What if the light
Shines in darkness my friend
And darkness just can't comprehend
So blaze the trail on your own
Go it alone

We are falling - falling to rise
Pain is the guide out of the wastelands
We don't need a hero
We are falling - falling to rise
No charlatan to show you the light
We don't need a hero

Indignity is the leader
To escort us from the fen
Where they say the light is endemic
If only I could comprehend

Now you're old enough to face it
Rabble's stones give pain
Hit you as they watch your tracks
Apart from the way that they understand

What if the light...

Oh we don't need a hero
No we don't need a hero

When A Hero Cries

Away by that dreams of you
Being all alone in the night
Coldness in my empty chamber
Noone here holding me tight

I could take a masquerade
To show you that I don't need to cry
But I can let my tears run away
To show you I'm as weak as a child

So many times you make me cry
But I got no reason to deny
Because I'm here and still alive

When a hero cries emotions arise
The tears in my face seem to be a trace of life
When a hero cries

It felt like heyven to me
But it was nothing for you
You said that I should forget
But it ran me through
And I still can't deny
That you still make me cry


Wings Of A Dream

This is my day -
Soldiers are coming to take me away
May justice be done
I hold on to pray
But no god seems to hear me
The pain I will face is the price for disgrace
For things that I've never done

The toll of the bell and the flight of the raven
They open my cell and I feel it's too late
There's no need to yell,
They don't wanna hear me
The morning has come
It seems like my work's been done
Today I'll be the one

Sometimes it's good to be schizophrene
Cause when I'm close to the end
I've got always a friend
On my lonesome way to the final decay
I listen to a voice telling me:

Now dream away - follow me astray
To a world that we can reach
On wings of a dream
Now dream away - follow me astray
To a world that we can reach
On wings of a dream

I've got the key to the end of the nightmare
To leave all the dreams of bane and despair
The life I redeem has got the price of insanity
That you just can't get
Cause you're not even mad
You only trust in your eyes

[repeat / solo: Jens]

Once upon a time
There was a nobleman like me
He only cared about the things he saw
One dark night without a moon he loved
The dog of his queen
Thinking it was her
He enjoyed the life in the raw




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