Tears Of A Mandrake
Theater Of Salvation
The Devil And The Savant
The Headless Game
The Healing Vision
The Kingdom
The Pharaoh
The Piper Never Dies
The Savage Union
The Spirit Will Remain
The Unbeliever

Tears Of A Mandrake

Gaze at the leaving clairvoyant
Predicting invasions and pain
A child can see through the stranger:
The Watcher's eye, the noble liar

It's time for the merchant
And his help for sale:
Blades to cut wicked flesh
On a merchantman he counts his money
Then he sails away
The sea he'll cruise is blood and fire

Oh father I can't see a lane
They make you a pawn in the game
For we all are deaf, dumb and blind

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Pawn in the game, invisible chains
Try to move, you'll feel as they graze

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Fading away, the final decay
Try to move, break out from your chains

When you're off to the hall of the serpent
See the cynic who's counting his gold
While gun runners, priests and clairvoyants
Are dancing around the rising demon

You are taught to eat up all the crap they shit
Parading your nuts on a silver plate
Kill your brother by the blade they sell
For you don't unite
They reap you bondage sowing evil

There's no use to tell what I've seen
They know how to make you believe
Just what they want you to know

[repeat / solo: Jens / solo: both / Jens / both]

Tears of a mandrake - yeah ...

[solo: Jens / both / repeat]

Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Pawn in the game
Drown in the tears of a mandrake

Theater Of Salvation

"I've heard voices in my dream.
Made me stand up, helped me see."
Aaah - oooh ...

Visions called him to awake his mind,
To find his horizon
And find out what may be behind.

"Take what you need,
You can find in the back of your soul!
Wake up the king in yourself
To be mighty and bold!"

Seasons of doubt ...
Fear and silent desires of life have gone by.
Visions have called back my longing for Freedom tonight,
made me sigh ...
Wasting my life till the day
That the voice has appeared ... made me see:
I am the one that can make it
Through times of despair; I am free!

They built up a symbol of warning
To give me fear,
To keep me away from paradise
Although it's so near.
Expecting I don't take a look
At what is behind: freedom calling ...

Take a look at the open gate!
Walk on and don't be afraid!
Free your mind in what they call
It's the heart of temptation!

... Oh ... Go the way!


Night after night
I remembered the word of the priest:
"Thou shalt not!
Never give in to the promises
Made by the beast.
So help me God!
Never give in to temptation
Or you'll burn in hell
A long, long time!
Is what I can sell if you stay blind!!!"

But I wanna know what lies behind
The gate of their hell.
And I won't believe all the stories
That they always tell.
I got the mind to find out
What's right and what's wrong.
Freedom calling ...

[repeat / solo: both / Jens]

Queen of mine I long for you.
Tell me why to wait to find our joy!
It's your wait for heaven's door,
Your fear that makes them grow
And let you forget today.

[solo: Jens]

I'll never go and I'll stay on your side.
They'll never know what I give to you
Is a piece of paradise.

Heaven can wait! Now I'm living!
Heaven can wait forevermore.
Heaven can wait!
I am to live like I want to also before I'll die.
Heaven can wait! You can't thrill me!
Heaven can wait! We dance till we die!
Heaven can wait! Welcome to the
Theater of Salvation

[solo: Jens]

"Hallelujah, hallelujah!"
I hear the man in black, his
"Hallelujah, hallelujah!"
He tries to keep me back, no!
"Hallelujah, hallelujah!"
Lock up the gates to wisdom
Hallelujah, hallelujah ...
Too late! I've found the kingdom ...

Hallelujah, hallelujah!
I see a band of angels.
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Freedom calling ...
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
I do not fear their stories.
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Freedom calling me ...

[solo: both]

Don't you see it? Don't you feel it?
Freedom calling ...


The Devil And The Savant

When you cross the edge inside
Reach out for the stranger
As you sign the deal tonight
Icarus's your only guide
See the haggard child of sun
To the tempting fires you run
Pass the gate and realize
Casting evil eyes

Down at your dark lab
You threw some tarot cards
Reading the fiery truth
Alchemist you were right
Oh - the vision's alive!

The devil and the savant
Gaze away
Far away
Alchemist you're free
Inside of your prison
The devil and the savant
Take a light,
Getting sight of a revelation forced:
The chemical wedding day...

No, no, no...

He appears at your desire
Does your bidding - always
Lights the candle in the dark
See the blood - oh - of us all
Think you force him to expose
All above and all below
You're never able to unveil
What you had to feel...

Taming your seraph but who is in control
You or the demon called curiosity,
Oh - Mephistopheles...

The Headless Game

Longing for silence...
"Always faster" is the way that we go.
Not a little patience...
Higher, farer, better we grow.

The beast is rising, it's tantalizing
Those who are taking the time.
Alienation... a revelation...
Straight to the end of the line...

The cold chill you feel is no dream,
It's for real!
We don't follow!

Fly! Riding away... rising today...
No we don't play your headless game!
We are alive, don't say goodbye.
Fly! Riding away... rising today...
No we don't play your headless game!
We are alive, don't say goodbye.

[lead-fill: Jens & Dirk]

Cast out from Eden...
You don't like what we are in your eyes.
We're leading the treason
On the race you run,
The way of your life.

I am danger, I'm a stranger
Cause I don't give in to your call.
And not until she is satisfied
We can come and explode and we fall!!!

We're blowing the frame
Of your headless game:
We don't follow!

[repeat / solo: Jens / repeat]

The Healing Vision

Lord of fate,
I feel you deep inside my brain...
Is it really just a dream or the urge to survive?

The Kingdom

Watching the eventide,
The sun will hide and sleep
My heart's beat is slow,
I'm thinking about my belief
Rain washing over me, cleaning up my brain
Till I question all my thoughts
And clean 'em up from stains
Clean 'em up from stains
Clean 'em up from stains, yeah
Die free, yeah!

[solo: Jens]

Welcome to the circle of those
Who know their way
Welcome to those who've realized their needs
Who don't need fear to pray and betray

But they don't accept us living free
Believing what we need
Haven't heard anything about poetry
They only know their painful greed

Don't ever trust those who say they know
Those who show and force you to bow
I've done no wrong but to ask my brain
To be free from pain built up
By those who reign

A mind in disguise - now I know
It's better to hide my belief
Than feeding the crow
A life on the run - now I know
The kingdom of disguise
Is the last place to go

In the eyes of the world
I'm a master of heresy
Swimming against the tide -
Endangering democracy
I remember the day
When I was young and bold
When I thought that my mind was free
Until the time that I was told

[repeat / solo: Jens]

Out in the night they laugh about me and my
Knowledge and speak prayers
Our god don't want to hear.
But listen:
Wherever you are, I will get you!
Well, you don't know who I am?
I am the inquisition and
I am your heretics babarian end!

[solo: both / Dominik / both]

Beware and be silent and follow the sign
Keep the mission as a secret of your mind
One out of a million is a friend of your line
Don't forget there are evil eyes behind

[solo: Jens]

Holding the candle she was found in the rain
Bright eyes and blissful but they thought
That she went astray
Too late to escape, she seemed to be insane
She got imprisoned
Because she got her own way

[solo: both]

Inquisitor: Now can you remember?
What have you done?
Accused: Believe me, I'm innocent,
I've done no wrong!
Inquisitor: But you are strange!
You are guilty I guess!
And after the torture you will confess... and BURN!

Ending in the flames, burning down her fame
Prayers to the saints,
Their end of an evil game

Run to your last refuge
Maybe the silence of your voice
Lie but be true to yourself
Sometimes you've got no choice
Follow a king called silence
Live in his kingdom of disguise
There is a temple of shelter
Where god forgives you your lies


I can see it bright here in front of your eyes
The apparition never dies
Yes I see, yes I feel, yes I know it all

The Pharaoh

From the cradle of silence and of light
It took a birth in human blood - angels cry -
To the ages of violence and of hate
To explore the left hand path I came alive

Into my striding, the shell of a god in the cold
My soul is just hiding,
My spirit haunting on to control

Flame of the Nile, fire in the darkness
To swallow the light
Behold the ghost of a god
God from the Nile, eternally roaming
To swallow the light
Behold the spirit of a pharaoh,
Pharaoh, pharaoh, no!

[solo: Jens]

To the world of spirits he's sailing on and on
Why magician don't you feel:
They broke the seal
Cyril's facing the tyrant everywhere
Far away from his grave, Seth is free

Roaming through ages,
Begetting advice for your kings, yow ...
Leading the stages
Of history that's bound to my strings,
No, no, no ...

[repeat / solo: Jens]

Don't you see that it's coming, it's near
The wise man screamed in the noble chamber
Just a parrot in a rich man's cage
He's a jester on the court

The wise man died and the seance went on
And the red one reigned in the noble chamber
In dreams of a masterplan
For a billion parrots in a big cage

Afraid of the eyes that shine in the darkness
You don't realize, afraid in the haze
You point at the man
That grins in your nightmare
And don't realize the mirror you gaze into
You don't wanna see
The spirits behind sceneries

[solo: Jens]

I guide your way, I make you stay alive
My servants taught you know how to survive
The way of light is food for your soul
But it's your belly that's taken control

No guiding light would shine anymore
It's just the red god replacing the core
He'll rise again to open up the gate
We have to learn for our future, our fate ...

[solo: both / repeat]

The ghost of a god ...
Slave to the pyramid ...

The Piper Never Dies

Oh yeah!

Thirsting for salvation
You're off to find the stairway
Novice on your never ending ride
Whatever you may find dare to take it higher
Here's your instigation on your trip into the light

Standing at the temple
Where the wizard shall arise
You listen to the beauty of a song
A melody of promise calling from the dark
Tear down the portal and then go on and

Come and fly away with me
And your eyes are gonna see it all
And sleep with the fire - do you feel me
Go obtain divinity, be the one you wanna be
And don't be afraid to give in

A ride into the shadows
The piper never dies, never dies
Ride into the shadows
The piper never dies, never dies

Entities are screaming, enticing from inside
Creatures you had never ever seen
And on the back of haughtiness
You leave into the light
The spirit on a mission in the shell of a beast

The ferryman is gentle
And promises are made
The other side may hold a lot to see
He's gonna take you over
And then he'll name the fare
Oh you gamble with the devil, fool
The ferryman is me

Come and fly away...

Balance on the edge of day and night
Not afraid of falling
Time has come to see all wrong from right
Something's calling
Heaven and hell is it all the same
And just a different grade
Now I gotta know the point of change
Where love turns to hate

Balance on the edge of day and night
Dive into the haze and kiss the light
Many of the tales you've been told
Never written for the brave and bold
Come and take my hand tonight
Come and sleep with me tonight
Certainly I'm gonna take you there
Showing you aroung everywhere


Do you believe that you're devil-may-care
As you jump into the fire
Do you believe that you're devil-may-care
As you jump into the fire

Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer...

Ride into the shadows... You go on - into the night

Alright, the piper never dies, I got you hypnotised
Come with me and witness, see Babylon arise

The whore in fading light, let us step inside
I got you paralysed child, the piper never dies

The pied piper plays the song, beautiful but strong
He was never born, never he'll be gone

Oh the pied piper never dies
He never dies, never dies...

The Savage Union

Here I'm standing at the junction of my life
So many ways, I don't know which one is the right
Do I wanna keep it up or throw it all away
Or close my eyes, go on and live just for today
I'm alive; I'm alive

We're gonna dive into madness of life
Heat stroke and nuts, don't live a lie
No one to blame, we don't play your game
We don't give a fuck, we're savage united
Savage united we stand!

Life is what happens to you while you're making plans
It's time to find your mental equilibrium again
Pedal to the metal and hit the passing lane
Kill the demons, cut the crap, quit their wicked game
I feel high, hell I'm high


The Spirit Will Remain

A scent of rain
A healing breeze
Is blown into my face
To feel desire
And raise my head
To gaze at the sky
And watch the setting sun
Breaking through
The darkened clouds
And I feel that I
Am still alive and breathe

For all the world to see
You can bind my blood
But the spirit will remain

For all the world to see
No matter what you claim
The spirit will remain

They wanna see me down
On my wounded knees
Wanna see me cry
But my eyes
Have run out of tears
When there's nothing left to pay
Just a little light of day
I got something you can't take away

Fly away
Far away
Deep inside
Shelter for my spirit and my pride

For all the world to see
You can bind my blood
But the spirit will be free

The Unbeliever

I am the madness carrying the torch,
Lighting the wheat in your fields.
I am the eyes staring out of the dark.
I am the wear of your yields.

When you give response away I grow.
I am more of you than you might know.

Burning down ... burning down ...
It's a story of deceivers.
Burning down ... burning down ...
Put the blame on the unbeliever!

I am the vision that comes to your mind
When you denounce without regret.
"God" is the word in the bible you say;
I am the word that you spread!

[repeat / solo: Jens]

I'm born and I lead the weak into the fire.
"No more pain" is what you claim
While you have found your wicked desire ...
... hahaha ...

[solo: Jens / repeat]


Another dawn is coming
A new day has begun
An eagle is rising slowly
To the skies of no return
Disappearing in the growing sun

So proud and so beautiful
Thinking about tomorrow,
with tears in his eyes
Once a lot of brothers spread their wings
To join his way
Now he's left alone in a world of lies

Cry for tomorrow
Why don't we hear the eagles cries
Living in sorrow
Why don't we help him to survive

Once a dignity - a mighty sign of pride
Strong and proud and free
A symbol of eternity - why don't we see
We can't survive, if we don't realize
Our world is a place
That can't be created twice



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