Dots Tutorial

Chapter 1 of my Dots page


Ilan Vardi

(ilanpi on Yahoo Dots)

An example game

The game of Dots is played on a rectangular array of dots. The players alternate placing edges connecting the dots. When a player makes a box, he puts his name in the box and moves again. At the end, the player with the most boxes wins. If the number of boxes is equal, then the game is a tie.

On Yahoo Dots, the first player is Yellow and makes yellow boxes and the second person is Green so makes green boxes.

Here is an example game on the 3x3 Dots board

The players start, with Yellow moving first

On his last move, Yellow allows Green to take a box.

Green takes the box, but he is forced to move again. Any move that Green makes allows Yellow to take all the other boxes.

What's your level?

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