"DigiDex, A" on Sunday August 31 2003
- Hey. Guess what? The Digi Dex is back.^_^ Well, only the letter A for now...The others should come soon...I added some new pics. And new Digimons...not all, but some...

  "Getting sick of that..." on Friday August 22 2003 - Now I'm frustrated. Geocities won't let me upload one page of the DigiDex. Guess I'll have to do it by HTML... *Sighs*
"FINALLY!!!!!!" on Friday August 01 2003
- I had to do it quickly. I couldn't resist any longer with Tripod's Bandwith. So I changed my host. I think it'll be better on Geocities. But 'cause of the DigiDex, it might still go out of bandwith, but not for that long. You'll just have to come back later. So, I uploaded only some pages of the DigiDex. Mostly the first ones and some of the last. Oh, and as tough you didn't notice, I changed the layout. *Rolls eyes*


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