Name:Virginie Rousseau

Age:11 years old

Naissance's Date:July 8 1991

Astrologic Sign:Cancer

Chinese Astrologic Sign:Goat

Favorite Colours:Blue, red and black.

Email: virginimon@yahoo.ca

Favorites Digimons:Guilmon, Renamon, Beelzemon Blast Mode, MaloMyotismon, Dynasmon, Cherubimon, Veemon, KaiserGreymon, MagnaGarurumon.

Favorites H Hybrids:Agunimon, Wolfmon, Löwemon, Blitzmon, Mercuremon, Duskmon.

Favorites B Hybrids:Bolgmon, Sephirotmon, Gigasmon, Velgmon.

Favorites A Hybrids:Ardhamon, Beowulfmon.

Favorites Digidestineds:Davis, Ken, Takato, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi.

Favorites Sites:With The Will, DigimonMasterAlliance, The Digi-Port, Digineration, Happy Galgomon Gifs Factory, MZ Network, Digimon Etcetera.
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