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Plymouth Marriage Middle Names

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From this page you can request a 'middle name lookup' from the Plymouth Church Marriages post-1837 database. Often an individual's middle name(s) can provide a clue to their ancestry since frequently children are given middle names that are surnames of their mother or grandparents or other names important to the family. For all the marriages in this database, which is published by the Devon Family History Society (see their catalogue here),  I have created a list of middle names of brides and grooms who married in church after 1837 from which you can request a lookup. 

 I will not provide general lookups from this database so please don't embarrass me or yourself by asking. However I suggest that you might want to consider purchasing this excellent value CD from the DFHS as an essential part of your resources.

If you find any errors please let me know at

Search by first letter of middle name

Click on the appropriate link below to see middle names beginning with the relevant letter. Any matching entries will appear in a separate window. Some of these pages are quite large and so this may take a little time to appear completely.  Occasionally the results window may be hidden when it first appears, in which case you will need to bring it to the front manually. 

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