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Stoke Damerel OPC (Online Parish Clerk)


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Welcome to the OPC website for Stoke Damerel

I have agreed to take on the rather daunting task of OPC for Stoke Damerel. I have already received offers of help from other people with a Stoke Damerel interest - I wouldn't have taken this on without such offers, as it is such a huge and important parish. Any other offers of help would be gratefully received too. 

The OPC Project is run under the auspices of GENUKI. For more information on the project see the Devon Online Parish Clerks page and for Stoke Damerel in particular see

I have access to the baptism register from June 5th 1801- December 31st 1817. I have now implemented a  lookup request facility for these baptism records.

I also have access to burials 1813-1819 and 1823-April 1828. I have now implemented a  lookup request facility for these burial records.

A recent development has been the inclusion of middle name searching. These can provide powerful clues to your family tree. These are available as lookups for the burial and baptisms mentioned above as well as online for portions of the IGI. As well, middle name lookups are available for the post-1837 Plymouth area church marriages.

As we move forward with this project I see the following priorities:

  1. Obtain easy access to copies of those pre-1837 registers that are not available from the LDS in any form
  2. Determine which pre-1837 registers are available from the LDS but are not on the IGI and obtain easy access to them
  3. Do the same for post-1837 registers

In parallel with these efforts this website is constantly being updated to keep everyone informed on how we are doing, publish any helpful information, indexes, transcriptions, etc. that are of interest and anything else appropriate anyone cares to contribute. I will also collect and catalogue anything else useful anyone cares to provide. Especially beneficial would be indexes or transcriptions which relate to at least a significant, if not a complete, set of consecutive entire pages from the original information resource (parish register, Bishop's Transcript, tithe apportionment listing, diary, or whatever).

If anyone has anything that they can contribute to the project please e-mail me at

I am excited about this (if a little nervous) and hope I will do it justice - with your support I think I stand a good chance.

Hugh Wallis
Ontario, Canada

This page was last updated on 23 July, 2007.