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Perry Rhodan first edition weekly # 2306

The Crystal Exchange



(April 2005)

Atlan Blue Book # 26

Crystals of death

OBSIDIAN Cycle # 39
Atlan series "Intra World" # 3

The Soulcollector


Perry Rhodan Lemuria Mini Cycle # 6

The longest night


Perry Rhodan Silver Book # 91

Terra Patrol


The Authors Library Book # 5

Quinto Center



The Cosmos Chronicles Book # 2

Alaska Saedelaere
(The man with the mask)


Perry Rhodan Gold Edition

Call of immortality



Karl-Herbert Scheer

Architect of the future


Authors Biographies

Clark Darlton

The man who brought the future


Perry Rhodan 3rd edition bi-weekly

# 1708 Secret Object "Gender"
#1709 The Guardians of Redsand



Perry Rhodan 5th edition bi-weekly

# 1204 The First Impulse
# 1205 The Cosmocrat Scout