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"Tell me and I may forget.
Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I will understand."

                 {Chinese Proverb - Author unknown}
         In recent years genealogy research has become an ever increasing experience that many have taken on as never seen before. This quest, to find more about our own past, brings us to quickly understand that the search for "Family History" is not only unique in itself but connects us to the "World History" of the World Wide Community at every point in our research. Questions such as, "Why did my great grandparents immigrate from the old world?, become much clearer as our research slowly links our Family History to the  'Clearances'   of Scotland, the  'Potato Famines'   of Ireland or perhaps to the pains of a distant  'War'.

         What better way to motivate students in the study of history than by having them become part of that history through the research of their own family!

         As a teacher, how would I go about creating a genealogy unit that would assist myself and my students in linking family roots and history? What better person to work on trying to help others in researching their projects on the net than that of a teacher. MacLinks would like to thank Virginia Conklin, a teacher librarian, for her work and continued support on our educational website section.

         The information that follows has been collated to assist the teacher, student, parent and yes, even the beginning family researcher in locating and understanding about family roots. Please note; as time goes on this list will be added too, as more research is done on this topic area. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact . Your comments and or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Student, Teacher and Parent Resource Index For Organizing A Genealogy Unit Using The Internet
Reference Material For Creating a Gen. Unit:
{10 links}
Research Resources For The Genealogy Unit:
{6 links}
Updatedgeocities mirrorUnit Lesson Plans Available from The Internet:
{12 links}
Updatedgeocities mirror{Ed.} Curriculum Resources Listed by Subject:
{150+ links}
Unit Resources from Universities, Libraries and Organizations {Government etc.,}:
{9 links}
Preparation Resources from Personal Home Pages:
{7 links}
Resources For The Student, Teacher and Parent in Preparing To Use the Internet:
{7 links}
Updatedgeocities mirrorEducational & Misc. Resources For The Teacher:
{100+ links}

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The Trauma of Terrorism
Updatedgeocities archiveReference Material For the Student, Teacher and Parent Coping With the Trauma of Terrorism and The Classroom/Public Area:  {27 links}

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Reference Sources For Creating of A Genealogy Unit

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~ In The Beginning {An Example} ~

          In order to make this research part of History and the Family, an introductory activity for all students of research, should be the creation and understanding of a what a Time Line is and where it connects the individual with his/her own space in history.

Example - Suited for Primary Grades:
         A daily time line beginning with waking up and ending when the student goes to sleep. Have the class as a large group create two activity charts. The first would illustrate what may be going on in the community and the second, what I did during that time. A comparison between the two could then be illustrated by drawing a horizontal line with the community data on the top and the Me information below the line. This activity would fit into most of the curriculum, ie: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, etc.


  1. Newgeocities mirror
             "GENEALOGY" -- Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers

            The following has been taken from the website. I have taken the time to place it here so that you may read the author's insight into the importance of research.

             "... Doing genealogical research is always a high interest activity for students of all ages. In addition to the rewards of a personal nature, research creates a host of opportunities to practice and integrate social studies skills learned or that need to be learned.

            Family histories written today provide some of the primary resource material for the historians of the future ("...when a person dies a library burns..") Collecting data, obtaining and evaluating documents and sources, conducting and recording eyewitness accounts of historical events in family life provide opportunities to practice the historians craft. We should ask student/historians to weed and cull, to evaluate, to interpret, and to assign value to historical events and accounts of those events.

            Finally, we must ask students to practice their writing skills and to publish in some form, if only for fellow students and other family members. In addition to these reasons, knowing the family medical history can have a survival value, as more and more research links families to various diseases. With all of these advantages, I am surprised that more don't require lessons in family history..."

            Take the time to go over this authors' resources as you will find them most useful in your lesson planning or research planning. Thank you Dennis for your insight and obvious dedicated work.


            TeachNet.Com deals with the topic, "Family Trees".

            This site contains a list of suggested activities for all school age groups, reference books and templates for charts dealing with the Family Tree for all students.


    The Net's Educational Center is a resource site made for teacher, student and parent.

            This site has hundreds of links that will help students, parents and teachers access a universe of information from the web. The sites listed are safe for all ages to view. {From the Author} "A word of caution on some of the Holocaust material, as it might be too graphic for young kids. If you know where you want to go, just click on the hyperlink of your choice on the page."


              WorldGenWeb For Kids site is for students (18 and under) or classes to work on their research for genealogy/history.

             The Project Coordinators have made an extreme effort in an attempt to work with all students from any country of the world. There is a collection of search sites, data sites, query forums mailing lists and an expert who has offered her services to assist anyone with a question. The site is an excellent resource site for the whole class or the individual student and or teacher.


  5. Newgeocities archive
              Annette Peebles, the author of, "CanadaGenWeb For Kids Project", has put together a site that will assist any student dealing with learning their, "Family History". It is an interactive site!

             The index format includes forums for students and teachers alike, links to Canadian sites that focus on genealogy, links to other schools where participants can communicate to each other if they so wish, and much more.

             Although a learning site that focuses mainly on Canadian genealogy, it is quite useful for the student/parent/teacher who may live outside of Canada BUT are searching for their Canadian roots.

             Annette states that this site will always be under construction. With new information being added continually you will definitely have to bookmark this website. Thank you Annette for your hard work.


             USGenWeb Project - Kidz offers an interactive experience to the student and teacher using the internet as a communication tool.

             Project Co-Coordinators; Dee Pavey and Ruth Floyd have created a site in which the teacher's students are able to interact with students from other participating classes through the KidZ Forum and mailing lists. The teacher or student can also discuss a particular piece of research or get the answer to a problem by contacting directly with Dee or Ruth.


             Created by Julia M. Case, Rhonda McClure and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG. "Tracing Family Trees" is an excellent reference source for developing specific grade level material.

             The index to this site can be located at:


             Canadian Home Based Learning Resource focuses on "HOME SCHOOLING".

            This site puts together information concerning HOME SCHOOLING within Canada and ALL of its provinces. The package contains, legal topics as well as educational topics. Although not concerned with genealogy as a separate topic, we felt that the information from this site was important enough to be placed on this page as a resource for parents that are dealing with HOME SCHOOLING.


            Kids Web! ; is a comprehensive digital learning resource library and information portal... serving students, parents and teachers.

             A message from the index page --> ". . .Kid's Web presents students with a subset of the Web that is very simple to navigate, and contains information targeted at the K-12 level. Each subject section, contains a list of links to information that is understandable and interesting to school kids. There are also links to external lists of material on each subject which more advanced students can browse for further information. . . "


             "Genealogy Site Finder!" This directory of 86,110 genealogy Web sites is maintained by April and Matt Helm. The site is updated daily seeking the best sites for the learning process.

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    Research Resources For The Genealogy Unit

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              The Family History Center maintained by the Latter Day Saints contains three major links that may be helpful as a source for individual needs. Please note: there may be a cost attached to the material needed. They are:
      • --> Guides to help you find records about your ancestors
      • --> Definitions of words found in the How-To Guides
      • --> Suggestions for the best subjects to search in a catalog


      Genealogy Research Tools

         Charts, Forms, etc. that you will need on your quest can be found within the following links. They contain helpful research tools that will assist you in organizing your research data.

              Ruth Ann Lucas's Website - - Genealogy Charts

               Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, Michigan, Inc. contains useful charts and other tools for free.

      PDF Files containing a large number of useful charts and other tools from, "Ancestors".

     has a number of good links dealing with genealogy. This particular page deals with sources that define and explain the many abbreviations that you find in your research. An excellent resource page to bookmark.

              "About the Human Internet" is a website with professional guides to assist the viewer through the internet on numerous topics of interest. This particular link is one of over 700 sites dealing with genealogy. The focus is on; Genealogy Education - Free Online Classes. The page offers links to Self-paced lessons and classes available on the Internet which will help you to further your genealogy education for free.

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      Unit Lesson Plans Available from The Internet

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      Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators

      1. Shrockgeocities archive   is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. The guide is updated daily to include the best sites for teaching and learning on a K - 12 basis.
        From Kathy's Guide:
              A great starting point to develop lesson plans integrating the internet with specific curriculum areas.

              A worthwhile list of topics already collated for integrating history and the internet for all K - 12 grades.
        • **********************

        •       Dear Myrtle at; maintains a site that contains a considerable amount of resource information dealing with developing and encouraging the study of Family History.

                   The author has created the following package{s} for assisting the teacher in developing a unit of study for a term or organizing the study of genealogy throughout the year. Please note; the information presented does not deal with any specific grade level. The teacher would have to organize and develop the area of study and the sequence of activities according to their grade level.

          • Beginning Genealogy Lessons contains:
            {1} --> 35 lessons with introduction
            {2} --> 13 related topics dealing with genealogy

          • Organizational Plan for the year contains:
            {1} --> a month by month checklist
            {2} --> 3 related topics dealing with organization

          • Kid's Genealogy contains:
            {1} --> 16 step by step information packages

          • Using LDS contains:
            {1} --> 34 research topics from LDS Family History Centers discussed by Myrtle.

          • Writing Your Personal History contains:
            {1} --> 12 information packages
            {2} --> 5 related topics

        •           KBYU Television and Brigham Young University, authors of "Ancestors" Ancestorsgeocities archive,   is a companion web site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series.

                    This website offers the teacher numerous resources including: {a} Helpful Tips from Other Genealogists, {b} State-by-State Resource Guide - USA, {c} Free Charts and Forms and {d} an Overview of the series, "Ancestors" - to name only a few. The choice is up to the teacher as to whether these resources are used as a part to enhance a topic of study throughout the year or as a term unit dealing with a specific topic, ie; How to locate information from sources other than the library.

                    In conjunction with the television series of, "Ancestors"; a teacher's guide containing a set of 14 lesson plans is made available to the teacher. The Teacher's Guide as a PDF Version may be downloaded from this website cost free.

          Topics discussed within the Teacher's Guide:

          • The Introduction which indicates the basic objectives for each lesson as well as other information which might be involved in each lesson.
          • Episode 201 --> Records at Risk
          • Episode 202 --> Family Records
          • Episode 203 --> Compiled Records
          • Episode 204 --> Technology & Genealogy
          • Episode 205 --> Vital Records
          • Episode 206 --> Religious Records
          • Episode 207 --> Cemetery Records
          • Episode 208 --> Census Episode 209 --> Military Records
          • Episode 210 --> Newspapers
          • Episode 211 --> Probate Records
          • Episode 212 --> Immigration Records
          • Episode 213 --> Family History

            WebQuests and Their Use As A Teaching Tool

      2. "WebQuests in Our Future: The Teacher's Role in Cyberspace" This excellent article found at;  explains what WebQuest is and how to use it as a tool for integrating the internet and the classroom curriculum. {an excerpt} ". . .A WebQuest is defined, by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University, as 'an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet.' . . ."

        Examples of Learning Activities Developed by Teachers Using Webquest As a Guideline Tool. Primary Elementary Webquest:
           *USA - Pilgrim Life
           ***Canada - A Family Vacation

        Junior Elementary Webquests:
          * Fourth Grade Ellis Island Journal Project
          *Dispelling the Myth: A Study of Cultures - A WebQuest on Cultural Diversity For Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Students.

        Middle School Webquests:
           * The Great Depression:
           *** Heroes WebQuest:

        High School Webquests:
           *Women's Role in History:
           **The Immigration Today:

      11. *Source: Matrix of Examples

        **Source: Instructional Technologies - San Francisco State University - School of Education Student Project Page for EDT 628! Student Projects Spring 1997 ***Source: Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Service Agencies CESA 8 WebQuest Matrix:

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