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~ Not That You Asked...Article #1 ~

Search engines fascinate me. A user's choice of them is almost endless. New ones come into being. The more established ones are often up-dated in a never-ending attempt to be fresh and inviting.

When I work with students (grades 6-12) who are trying to use the Internet, I want plain ones. Those that are free of advertising and the search box is very obvious. Two that meet these requirements are:

  • and

    A couple more search engines are almost meet my requirements:
  • and

    Both of these have an obvious search box; however there are lots of preexisting links on each page. Perhaps they might be helpful to some users; however, I find many students are distracted by the extras.

    For those who think one engine is as good as another, I issue this challenge. Pick a subject to research. Then try these four and some of the others you might use. I think you will find that different links are found in each. Other search engines to try:

  • About **

  • Dogpile **

  • Heysmarty ** This one wants you to register and doesn't provide a search box until you do. There are subject links but you can't go directly to the information. This is much more time consuming.

  • Web search ** Part of giving information about searching and the changes in the engines.

  • Mamma ** Bills itself as the Mother of all search engines.

  • Ask Jeeves ** My students like this one because you can type in a question in natural language. It now has a separate children's engine found at:

  • CyberSleuth Kids Student Homework Helper **

    Homework, for those of us old enough to remember the olden days before computers, used to be completed with ancient implements called pencils on paper. If the assignment was a research paper of some sort, this meant the added chore of trudging down to the local library to comb through cards and stacks for articles about Genghis Kahn or Pittsburgh's annual steel production. Thank goodness those days are long gone. Modern students need only type the term 'Genghis Kahn' into Google, and thousands of mostly spurious articles will appear with which students can cut and paste to their hearts' content. For students who would like direction to valid sites, however, CyberSleuth Kids has gathered links to pertinent pages, and it's organized them into handy research friendly groupings such as history, math, and computers. There are numerous links in each category, and many are off the beaten path.

  • Simplify Your Searching - With Google! **

    The Internet gives us so much information at our fingertips. Do you need a tool to help you access exactly what you are searching for in a time saving manner? By using the popular search engine, Google, it will do just that. Simply go to Scroll to Google search and enter the topic you are searching for. Then click Google Search or press enter on your keyboard. This will offer several sites to view that contain that topic.

    Make your holiday shopping more simple. Create the Google toolbar on your homepage for easy access. Go to, click on "Service & Tools". Scroll down to the "Google Toolbar" and click on it. Click on "Get the Google Toolbar". Click on "I agree to the terms to install the Google Toolbar". Click on "Install with Advanced Features" or "Install without Advanced Features". Now you will see the Google search box in your toolbar. Simply enter that hard to find toy or special gift for the holidays and enjoy the convenience of shopping from your home!

  • The following search engine list found below this introduction are Education Specific. That is to say, they are capable of searching educational topics only! We have added a brief summary and categorized each search engine for your convenience. Enjoy and Happy Researching.


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