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2003 Loughborough Fastball League
Banquet Photos
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  Mike Halligan, Jeff Hannah, Craig Pearce
Mike Paul, Leeanne McShane
Mike Halligan, Jeff Hannah and Craig Pearce
of the Brett Contracting Cowboys
Leeanne McShane and Mike Paul from the Battersea Merchants
Amy Pierman, Hughie Vankoughnett
Kevin Gauvreau, Scott Nichol, Kevin Buchan
Amy Pierman and LFL Vice President Hughie Vankoughnett from Sydenham Amey's Drilling Kevin Gauvreau, Scott Nichol and Kevin Buchan from the Brett Contracting Cowboys.
Nicky and Chris Carroll
Tabitha Buker, Adam Lake
Nicky and Chris Carroll from Sydenham Amey's Drilling
Tabitha Buker and LFL President Adam Lake of the Brett Contracting Cowboys

Jason and Sarah Norman 
Carol and Doug Kane
Jason and Sarah Norman from Sunbury
Carol and Doug Kane from the Brett Contracting Cowboys
Jim Neeson 
Tim Murphy, Kevin Gauvreau
Representing the Umpires, Jim Neeson Tim Murphy, Kevin Gauvreau of the Brett Contracting Cowboys