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    Pictures are from an aerial view of the project and were produced by the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority. The first phase will entail shore line protection and the initial regeneration of the original land mass which existed in 1832.

    Port Union West shows the shoreline regeneration and the initial node which will allow for land mass regeneration. The Pedestrian Observation Pier and Grade Separation is also shown.

    Port Union Central shows the shoreline regeneration and the preservation and restoration of the Old Adams Creek watershed and the Wetlands.

    Port Union East indicates the Causeway created by the Grand Truck Railway (now CN) to bridge the mouth of the Rouge River in 1867. This landfill eliminated the Anchorage Basin for the Schooners operated by the Scarborough Pickering (Agincourt) Markham Warf Company (1832-1863).

    Please note that these pictures represent a conceptual view and that the main focus of this phase will be land mass regeneration, the observation pier, and the reopening of Adam's Creek.