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    To show your support for the project, the city needs the involvement of you, the public. If you find yourself strapped for time we have created a standard letter for you to print, sign, then send to the Provincial Ministry of the Environment. (The Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Honorable Mr. Herb Dhaliwal M.P., already supports the project from its historical prospective.)

    To get to the actual web-site for the Ministry of the Environment, click here.

    Please note that once you have read the document as presented by the Ministry of the Environment, that the initial presentation by the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority requesting the environmental study was amended at the insistence of the NANCY-GRIFFON Fund Inc with the support of the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Ministry of Fisheries & Oceans (responsible for all planning and development issues affecting Canada's waterways). The amendment now includes the original land mass of ten acres, the re-opening of the Adam's Creek (filled in by TRCA) and the provision for the essential water-flow into the new harbour bay as part of the restoration of the  harbour of Port Union.

    To view a precis of the Port Union Environmental Study , click here.