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Los Angeles 2000


Friday, November 17, 2000

We arrive at LAX at 6:20pm, it takes 1 hours to find the rental car and 2 hours to drive to the hotel (in Anaheim) on very crowded, very large highways (8 lanes in each direction at some points!!).  Our tasty meal for the evening is McDonald’s and then it’s time for beddie-bye.

Saturday, November 18, 2000

We’re cross-border shopping today – off to Tijuana for cheapy Mexican day.  I pick up a few things for souvenirs and we eat in Mexico.  The special at the restaurant is deafening music and forcing tequila shots down the throats of unsuspecting customers (and then asking for payment for the pleasure of it all).

On the way back to Anaheim, we drive through a city whose claim to fame is “Mile of Cars” – an actual square mile of car dealerships.  Also, we drop through San Diego to get our bearings for later in the week.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

DISNEYLAND!!  This is the high point of California for me – Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Parade of Characters are great – Tigger is AWESOME (he bounced with me).  Andrew has been to Disneyworld in Orlando several times and says the California partner is much smaller, but it’s big enough for my feet, and after one day you couldn’t drag me back to the child-infested, crowded, hot place for another day.

After the fireworks and laser show, we walk the “2 blocks” to the hotel (as the hotel advertises) – actually closer to 2 miles – many blisters at this point!!



Monday, November 20, 2000

Off to San Diego – this time in the daylight!  We start at the Museum of Man, which has an exhibit on Torture & Inquisition Devices through the Ages, and a good display on mummies and man through the ages (including “Lucy” of archaeological fame).

An island off of San Diego, Coronado, is the largest military base in the world, and is only Navy.  The island is a mecca for senior citizens and day tripping tourists who wish to shop for overpriced souvenirs.

On the way out of San Diego, we make a side trip to Old Town, a historic area with extremely well preserved homes and businesses from the 1700s.  This area has been turned into a National Park and has been made extremely tacky – the old post office is now a shop where you can get your head put into a photo with Tom Cruise – all for outrageous prices.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Today we tour the beaches – we take the Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach to Santa Monica – it didn’t look like it would take 6 hours to do this trip, so at the end we’re quite tired of beaches.

We head off to CBS for a taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn – the guests are Jim Belushi, and an actress we don’t recognize and a band we’ve never heard of before.   After this, we head to the Observatory to see the Laser Show of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and to see Saturn through the telescope.  This is also a great place to take photos of the HOLLYWOOD sign, but they don’t light it at night anymore.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Our last day in California, so we finish off a bunch of quick sightseeing before heading to the airport.  Our day includes the Hollywood sign, Mulholland Drive (where James Dean died), the Hollywood Bowl, Beverley Hills (some people have way too much money!), the Walk of Fame (all the stars), and Mann’s Chinese Theatre (where the actors have the feet, hands & signatures in cement).

We catch an 8:25pm flight to Sydney, Australia


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