Some of my favorite pix! Some of my favorite people!


Third from the left: Me as 'Harriet Tubman' in 'Sing Out Freedom Train'

As 'The Godess of Love' with the cast of 'Once on this Island'

In my thinner days playing 'Charlaine' in the Dora Award-winning production of 'Ain't Misbehavin'


 They say that blondes have more fun...!





Singing and swinging in the summer sun for Flow 93.5-- 'Canada's #1 Urban radio station's' concert series.

Backstage with the talented cast of 'The Nutmeg Princess'.

 'Sunday go to meeting duds' in an episode of 'Little Men'








As 'Lily' on the set of 'Eloise at Christmastime' with spunky Sofia Vassilieva (Eloise) and our illustrious cameraman mugging in the background!













Kairene shoots a video for 'I Stand Up' with handsome Matthew and Yuri's help!


'Judging' in JACOB TWO TWO & the HOODED FANG








Here you'll find me as 'fiesty neighbour' Janine Eberhard on the set of 1-800-MISSING!



Representing Canada at the Pacific Song Contest!



A backstage visit from origional 'Charlie's Angel' Cheryl Tiegs, has me and the 'Tommy' girls trying to 'assume the position"!!



Escaping from slavery with my stunt double in the Disney film 'The Liberators". (To my great amusement-a white man in 2 hours of makeup & prep!)











As 'The Acid Queen' in 'The Who's Tommy'

Again with 'Ain't Misbehavin'... this time as 'Armelia' 






Can you feel the Flow?!



Arlene & Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje on the set of 'Enslavement: 'The story of Fanny Kemble' He's a much nicer guy than he appears in 'Oz' and the 'Mummy Returns'!





A Rocky Horror-ible moment! (A commercial shoot)

No sex-change in my past! My first professional play: playing the role of 'Henry' in 'The Club' 




 As Jamaican matriarch Mrs. Brown on the set of the series 'Drop the Beat'


Performing in the 'The Leader of the Pack' with Joyce deWitt


Recently in the studio adding some 'flava' to the soundtrack of 'A Tribute to Salome Bey': (R to L) Sharon Lee Williams, Toya Lesmond, producer Peter Mann, Shannon Maracle, moi, Michael Danso, and Billy Newton Davis




HHHe you fin

Recording the soundtrack album for the Music Man










As 'Lieutenant ...Ohara' in a Wayne & Schuster comedy sketch !

More backstage fun! Me and the origional Tommy: Roger Daltry. He liked me...he really, really, liked me!

MMaking aural mayhem with the cast of 'The Old Guy': (Clockwise) Me, Bill Holgate, Ryan Rogerson, Bob Healey, & Karen Glave

Found backstage: (LtoR)Darryl Huggins, Colleen Allen, myself, Paul Novotny, Steve Heathcoate,Joe Sealy & Bruce Cassidy presented 'George Elliot Clarke:East-Coasting' @ Glen Gould Studio (missing: Phil Akin as G.E. Clarke--taking the photograph! Thanks Phil!)



In spite of corsets and all manner of old-fashioned doodads, relaxing in 'River City' .

In our 'Shipoopee' finery! My 'son', Shane Simpson, and fellow 'River Citi-zians' Karen Macdonald-Jules, and Jenni Burke on the set of 'The Music Man'





















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