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UPDATE 20/05/04
So Lindy's Show "Cooking Lessons" was not picked up by CBS, but
Life goes on. We still have her new movie "Cry_Wolf" To look
forward to. We should be able to see that this fall. Untill
then you can see the trailer at

UPDATE 08/05/04
O.K. You guys are gonna have to bare with me for the next few
days. This site is going to get a major face lift and you
are going to find dead links, missing pictures etc.. but the
good news is that it will be over soon! Thanks in advance
for your patience.

UPDATE 23/04/04
O.K. So here's the deal. I haven't
updated the site for a couple weeks
but we should be back on track by the end of
this week. For all those who are interested
in writing to Lindy you can go to
the contact section and read my blurb about
the confirmation of her address.
I'm still looking for photos.
If anyone has some they'd like to share please send them to me!
I have decided to shut down the contest on
this site due to an overwhelming lack of response.
If you are interested I will still accept art and
writing to post if you so desire.
In place of the contest page I will be putting up
a multimedia page. Anyone who's interested can make absolutly anything they
want to do with lindy for example...
screen savers, backgrounds, annimation, skins for winamp or
anything else your heart desires. You
can attempt to e-mail your creations to me.
Please keep in mind that I do have a
Hotmail account and so i can only recieve certain
size e-mails. If your e-mail is
returned to you. then let me know and we'll try
to make other arrangements.
One last thing. I want this site to be a
safe site. Although I know Lindy has done some nude
work. NONE of it will be posted here.
So keep that in mind if you want your creations
to be put up. Thanks.

UPDATE 07/04/04
New Photos Added!!!
Photo count is now at 359!
If you have anymore photos to add
email me at

UPDATE 06/04/04
Ok We seem to be up and running without
any problems for the moment. If you
encounter any problems while navigating this site
Please Please Please let me know right away! Thanks

UPDATE 06/04/04
I'm encountering some technical problems
With Geocities right now, so damn near every page is down.
The problem will be fixed by tomorrow so hang tight.

UPDATE 03/04/04
Lindy set to star in New CBS Comedy
check out the current Projects link for more info!

UPDATE 03/04/04
I am proud to present
the single largest Lindy Booth
photo collection on the net,


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