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The princess of the Country of Clow. Encounters a mysterious power in the ruins in her country, and subsequently loses her feathers of memory, which were then scattered through various dimensions. Syaoran is her beloved childhood friend.

Fai D. Flowright

A magician from the Country of Seles. One of the main heroes aiding Syaoran in his quest to retrieve and return Sakura's feathers. He appears to be happy-go-lucky and playful, teasing Kurogane with nicknames as well as playing endlessly with Mokona. However, very little is known about him other than he does not want to return to the land where he came from.


I like them not really as couples, but they do look good together. Fai is always nice to Sakura in the manga and he take good care of her when Syaoran is not with her. He came up with Big Kitty for himself and Little Kitty for her.

They are very cheerful together.

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