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The Philosophers' Stone Campaign

The Red Hand of Doom

Main Heroes
ShadowLord: Foster
Master of Night
Foster ShadowLord, Master of Night
Race: Human
Class: Ninja/Assassin/Shadowlord
Level: 8/4/8
Character Sheet PDF: FosterShadowLord.pdf
The Only Sheet File: FosterShadowLord.mcs
ShadowLord: Foster
Shadowlord Foster
ShadowLord: Foster
Shadowlord Foster
ShadowLord: Foster
Foster Shadows
Foster Shadows
Foster Elements
Foster Elements
Shadowlord: Level 8
Foster Level 8
ShadowLord: Bracers
Foster Bracers
Foster Shadows: Rainbow Sword
Rainbow Sword
Stormlord Leif
Master of Day
StormLord Leif, Master of Day
Race: Human
Class: Ranger/Wizard/Stormlord
Level: 6/6/8
Character Sheet PDF: StormLordLeif.pdf
The Only Sheet File: StormLordLeif.mcs
Stormlord Leif
Stormlord Leif
Stormlord Leif
Stormlord Leif
Stormlord Leif
Stormlord Leif
Palaid/Wizrd: Leif Level 8
Leif Level 8
Paladin: Lief Breastplate
Breast plate
Paladin: Lief after Drellin
After Drellin
Paladin: Lief
Leif Paladin
Satyr Bard: O'Keef
O'Keef, Master of Arts
Race: Satyr
Class: Bard/Seeker of the Song
Level: 10/10
Character Sheet PDF: OKeef.pdf
The Only Sheet File: OKeef.mcs
Satyr Bard: O'Keef
Satyr Bard: Keef
O'Keef Bard
Simon Christopher
Simon Christopher
Simon Christopher, Master of Science
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard/Alchemist
Level: 3/17
Character Sheet PDF: SimonChristopher.pdf
The Only Sheet File: SimonChristopher.mcs
Support Heroes
Shadow Foster
Shadow Foster
Shadow Foster
Race: Shadow, Greater
Class: Fighter
Level: 6
Character Sheet PDF: ShadowFoster.pdf
The Only Sheet File: ShadowFoster.mcs
Giant Owl: LioKio
Race: Celestial Giant Owl
Class: Fighter
Level: 6
Character Sheet PDF: LioKio.pdf
The Only Sheet File: LioKio.mcs
Wild Elf Bard: Trellara Nightshadow
Trellara Nightshadow
Queen Trellara O'Keef
Race: Wild Elf
Class: Ranger/Bard
Level: 8/8
Character Sheet PDF: TrellaraNightshadow.pdf
The Only Sheet File: TrellaraNightshadow.mcs
Ghost Brute Lion: Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty
Race: Ghost Brute Lion
Class: n/a
Level: 8 HD
Character Sheet PDF: KittyKitty.pdf
The Only Sheet File: KittyKitty.mcs
Goliath: Daag
Race: Blackspawn Raider
Class: Ninja/Assasin
Level: 6/3
The Only Sheet File: Skaather.mcs
Goliath: Daag
General Kharn
General Kharn
Race: Hobgoblin
Class: Favoured Soul/Talon of Tiamat
Level: 6/4
The Only Sheet File: GeneralKharn.mcs
Red Dragon
Race: Juvenille Red Dragon
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 3
The Only Sheet File: Abithriax.mcs

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Campaign Notes

The Battle of Brindol!

Good Guys (Total Army: ~2000)
The Heroes:
Foster ShadowLord: hp 88
      Shadow Foster: hp 31
      Kitty Kitty (Ghost Brute Lion): hp 67
StormLord Leif: hp 94
      LioKio: hp 75
O'Keef: hp 80
      Trellara Nightshadow: hp 46

Simon Christopher: hp 84
       Boo: hp 42
Human Contingent
Lord Jarmaath, Paladin/Aristocrat, Lvl 10/10, AC 24, hp 80
Lars Ulverth (Lion Guard Captain): Fighter, Lvl 10, AC 22, hp 72
Immerstal the Red, Wizard, Lvl 9, AC 12, hp 33
Tredora Goldenbrow, Cleric of Sinterklaus, Lvl 8, AC 20, hp 52
Captain Soranna, Fighter Lvl 6, AC 22, hp 37
  The Lions of Brindol (25): Fighter, Lvl 4, AC18, hp 32
Standing Army (200): Fighter Lvl 1, AC 15, hp 10
Militiamen (500): Warrior, Lvl 1, AC 13, hp 6
Commoners (800): Commoner, Lvl 2, AC 10, hp 4
High Priests (8): Cleric, AC 15, Lvl 4
Altar Boys (22): Cleric, AC 12, Lvl 1
Elf Contingent
Sellyria Starsinger, Druid, Lvl 8, AC 12, hp 24
Killiar Arrowswift, Ranger, Lvl 4, AC 18, hp 29
  Giant Owls (30), HD 4, AC 15, hp 32
Owlrider Elves (30), Ranger, Lvl 2 AC 15, hp 16
Common Elves (100), Commoner, Lvl 2, AC 12, hp 3
Lizardman Contingent
Lanikar, Dragonspawn Ranger, Lvl 3, AC 26, hp 100
  Lizardman Squad (100): Warrior, Lvl 1 AC 18, hp 20

Late Arrivers...
Dwarf Contingent
Grimm, Dwarf Stonechild, Fighter/Dwarven Defender, Lvl 6/2, AC 31, hp 160
  Hammerfist Dwarf Mercenaries (200), Fighter, Lvl 2, AC 16, hp 20

Possible Appearances...
The Other Avatars
Legola, Young Silver Dragon, Druid Lvl 8, AC 27, hp 205
Aggiebelle, Pixie Healer Lvl 8, AC 24, hp 80
Firenze, Centaur Ranger, Lvl 8, AC 23, hp 118

Other Good Guy Stuff....

The Alchemist's Stash:
Extended Bull's Strength (x5)
Extended Bear's Endurance (x5)
Extended Eagle's Splendor (x5)
Extended Cat's Grace (x5)
Extended Fox's Cunning (x5)
Extended Owl's Wisdom (x5)
Extended Greater Heroism (x5)
Extended Invisibility (x5)
Extended Fly (x5)
Cure Moderate Wounds (x20)
Cure Serious Wounds (x10)
Cure Critical Wounds (x5)
Lesser Restoration (x5)

Neutralize Poison (x5)
Dispel Magic (x5)
Energy Resistance (x5)

Globe of Invulnerability (x3)
Repulsion (x3)
Fireball (x3)
Lightning Bolt (x3)

Magic Items Available in Brindol:
Any item in DM's guide, up to 10000 gp value.
Total Hero Assets: ~30,000 gp

Bad Guys (Total Army: ~4000)
  Blackspawn Raiders (50): hp 60
Doom Hand Clerics (100): hp 25
Doom Fist Monks (30): hp 29
Blood Ghost Berserkers (100): hp 55
Ogres (120): hp 29 each
Goblin Worg Riders (200): hp 27
Worgs (200): hp 30
Hobgoblin Bladebearers (60): hp 39
Hobgoblin Sergeants (200): hp 30
Hobgoblin Veterans (200): hp 26
Hobgoblin Regulars (1,600): hp 13
Hobgoblin Warriors (800): hp 6
Monsters and Champions
  Greenspawn Razorfiends (3): hp 85
Hill Giants (22): hp 102
Hieracosphynxes (5): hp 67
Greater Barghests (30): hp 67
Barghests (10): hp 33
Wyverns (8): hp 59
Manticores (16): hp 57
Kulkor Zhul Mindbenders (6): hp 36
Kulkor Zhul War Adepts (15): hp 28
Leaders and Commanders
  General Kharn: hp 68
Abithriax (Juvenille Red Dragon): hp 184
Skaather (Blackspawn Raider Ninja): hp 87
Doom Hand Warpriests (7): hp 67

This portion of the campaign is covered by the epic module "The Red Hand of Doom". Sinterklaus and Nevermore (the gods of good and free will) brought the characters Leif & Foster - as themselves - into this new world to stop the machinations of Blackheart (i.e. The Red Hand).

Campaign Images
Attack on the Dragonspawn hatchery
Attack on the Dragonspawn Hatchery
Facing the Black Dragon
Facing the Black Dragon
The Ghostlord attacks!
The Ghostlord attacks!
Arrival at Brindol
Arrival at Brindol
The Red Hand of Doom
The Red Hand
of Doom

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