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The Philosophers' Stone Campaign
Necropolis  Coat of Arms


"deliver us from evil"
City Statistics Royalty
Medium City
God: Blackheart
Population: 21,000
Alignment: Evil
Purchasing Limit: 50,000
Assets: 13,000,000 gp
Treasury: 2,000,000 gp
Government: Facism
Total Land: 34 square miles
Race breakdown:
Undead: 62%
Necropolitans: 5000
Zombie/Skeleton: 3000
Ghouls: 2000
Other: 3000
Living: 38%
Human: 1000
Drow: 2000
Other: 5000

Das Fuhrer: The Ghostlord
Race: Male
Human Evolved Lich (NE, Undead)
Class: Druid/Blighter/Cleric (of Blackheart)
Level: 5/6/11
Character Sheet PDF

Fuhrer's Consort: Barbed
Race: Female (Head) Vampire Elf (NE, Undead)
Class: Warlock

Level: 16
Character Sheet PDF

Angel: Piceous
Race: Bone Naga (NE, huge Undead)
Level: 34 HD


Doom Guard

Commander: Kayn McImmerstal, Deathbringer (30HD); Mount: Nightmare, Cauchemar: (15HD)
Generals: The Fallen: 5 Death Knights Blackguard 10/Paladin 4; Mounts: Nightmare (6HD)
Colonels: Ghostlord Contingent: 8 Ghosts, Sorcerer 14
Captains: Children of Barbed: 13 Vampires, Fighter 5 / Sorcerer 5
Lieutentants: Highspawn of Lilith: 55 Spellstitched Mummies
Sargeants: Grandchildren of Barbed: 89 Vampire Spawn, Fighter 3
Corporals: Lowspawn of Lilith: 144 Spellstitched Ghasts

The Necropolitan

In order to be allowed access to the inner city, all living beings must undergo the ritual of Crucimigration. The ritual is essentially the same as being crucified in the same manner as Jesus. Once stabbed with an Iron Lance the candidate dies and is interred. Three days later the candidate rises as a Necropolitan character of one less level than prior to the ritual.

The Cysterns

Only living beings infected with a Necrotic Cyst are allowed past the Gates of the Damned. The gatekeeper, Tyffoydmarie, attempts to infect anyone arriving at the doors, whether the callers are willing or not.



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