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The Philosophers' Stone Campaign

Elsir in Faerûn

Faerûn Maps:

Elsir Nation

National Statistics

National Heroes

Size: 400 miles x 250 miles, 100,000 square miles
(approximately the size of Cuba)
Climate: Sub-tropical (similar to Greece)
Alignment: Neutral
Population: 1,618,034
Government: No centralized government

Race Breakdown
Human: 34%
Elf: 21%
Dwarf: 13%
Halfling: 8%
Gnome: 5%
Orc: 3%
Giant/Goliath: 3%
Goblinoid: 3%
Undead: 5%
Monsters: 5%

Foster ShadowLord, Master of Night
Race: Human
Class: Ninja/Assassin/Shadowlord
Level: 8/4/8
Character Sheet PDF
The Only Sheet MCS
StormLord Leif, Master of Day
Race: Human
Class: Ranger/Wizard/Stormlord
Level: 6/6/8
Character Sheet PDF
The Only Sheet MCS
O'Keef, Master of Arts
Race: Satyr (5HD)
Class: Bard/Seeker of the Song
Level: 10/10
Character Sheet PDF
The Only Sheet MCS

State of the Nation Report

This 15th of Aries, in the year 144 P.A. (1364 D.R.)

144 years ago, the foretold apocolypse was narrowly averted, although it wasn't until 2 years ago that the heroes from that campaign emerged from battle. After a well deserved period of rest, the heroes soon became involved in the intrigue of Elsir.
Accompanied by her protective husband O'Keef, Queen Trellara sought out her brother, Lanikar. It is now sung by the bards of the city, at least those that have balls of steel, that Lanikar melted like a baby at her sight. A truce between Dragon's Rhest and Elsirnor quickly ensued. The generous offer of access to Elsirnor University was quickly accepted by many of the dragon tribes young elite.
This alliance did not go unnoticed in either Brindol or the Necropolis. In an ultra secret meeting, the Ghostlord convinced Achillies to give him legal rights to all the city's dead, at a payment of 10 gp/level to the families of the deceased. In return the Ghostlord offered a second front in every battle, by using his necromancers to bring on an onslaught of zombies from the battle-dead, to Achillies aid as needed.
Needless to say, this agreement brought great distress to those residents of Brindol who were more of a Good (Lawful) alignment. Elsiror is currently housing 2,000 refugees from Brindol, who have exercised their right to self-imposed city banishment. Of course each has already been given a useful job, and may attend the University.

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