How To Join the Team

Follow these steps to join

  1. Find Craig, the team leader at lunch or during his spare. He can usually be found in the Cage or the AV office. The cage is located inside the shop in the tech department. The AV office is a small office inside of tech off of the big table room. When you find him, tell him you wish to join

  2. Alternativly, you can contact Craig using this form and tell him that you wish to join the team.

  3. Go through an interview with Craig, for administrations purposes

  4. Celebrate and throw away your sanity now that you are part of A.Y. Jackson's AV team.

  5. Note: It is highly recomended that you have an e-mail adress, a way to access your e-mail, and that you check your e-mail regularly since important info about events and such is sent out via e-mail from the AV team's email adress.

    Important Documents

    Documents to review/AV documents

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