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Chris Farrell

Hardware Coordinator, CF-2

  • Chris Farrel is the hardware coordinator for the AV team, whatever that means. Chris has recently been training in sound and is the Sound Director for the school play Little Shop of Horrors. This means that he must attend as many rehearsals as possible. Mostly he just starts endless projects that he never finishes such as re-imaging computers or creating a document with all the AV team's equipment and how to use it. He may occasionally be found working in the pit just because. Usually he can be found in the AV office before school, at lunch time and occasionally after school.
  • Chris is in currently in Grade 10 at A.Y. This is his second year on the AV team. Chris is one of the candidates for team leader next year. Chris is interested in computers and intends on studying Computer Engineering at University if and when he graduates.
  • If you have questions or comments for him, he is pretty easy to find. Just look for him in the AV office. Or you can send in your comments using this form and hope they eventually find their way to Chris.

    Andrew Scherr

    Software Coordinator, AS-5

    • Andrew Scherr is the software coordinator for the team, again a title given by Craig. Andrew is involved in the play as part of the prop/stage team. He can sometimes be found hanging around the AV office at lunch time.
    • He is currently in grade 10 at A.Y. Jackson secondary school. He is interested in Business and has good business skills so he will probably end up going to University to study business. He has yet to officially declare his interests. This is his first year on the AV team.
    • Once again if you have any questions or comments for Andrew you can send them to the AV team using this form and hope that he gets them eventually.

      Phil Delle Palme

      Lighting Technician

      • Phil joined the team when he entered grade 9 at A.Y. Jackson. Phil is in grade 12 this year, completing his 4th and final year at AY. Phil has been part of Cadets for several years, and at last notice was interested in becoming an aviator for the military.
      • If you have any questions or comments for Phil you can send them to the AV team using this form

        Wrap Up

        Rock the Casbah

        • Well that, in a nutshell, is the current AV team at A.Y. Jackson. Craig may choose to add past members if he wishes but he will probably not because he is to lazy to figure out my coding.

        • Note: If you used to be on the AY Jackson AV team and you wish to have a bio added in a Retired Member section, either drop the AV team a letter using this form or send an e-mail to [removed] You should probably send us what you want added, otherwise your bio may not be what you want it to be.

        • If you have any concerns or any comments for the team you can also send an e-mail to [removed]

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