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Updated August 11, 2009, 2009 -Latest trade August 09, 2009




       JUNKYARDDOGS      BIG PAPPI'S          208's          TRIPLE A      BANANA'S   







One of the founding teams with the Tuggers Nuts. A very strong franchise with 5 banners hanging from the rafters. The Avolanche once again challenged for the championship and this time won in a thrilling 7 game series 4 games to 3 against the Enforcers. The Avolanche look to contend again this year.

Team built around David Wright and Jake Peavy.


President and General Manager: George Avola
Assistant General Manager       : Mathew Avola
Other team names                     : Jetstreams(1989-1994)
World Titles                                 :5(1993, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2007)




Inherited a team when the original league folded and brought with it just two members in the Avolanche and the Tuggers Nuts. A very shrewd trader Alec often takes quite a while to make a trade, but very rarely makes a bad one. The Mac’s are looking at rebuilding this year in hopes of making 2009 their year.  
Team built around Next year and Manny Ramirez


President and General Manager: Alec MacGregor
Assistant General Manager       : Jacob MacGregor
World Titles                                  :0




The Junkyard Dogs came into existence in 1998 replacing the Alberta Prairie Dogs just two years after they won the championship.  The manager rarely trades but drafts wisely and this usually leads to strong seasons. The JYD haven’t done much since their back to back championships in 2003-2004 and the fans are now asking “what have you done for us lately?”

Team built around Johan Santana and Jorge Posada.

President and General Manager: Jamie McCrory
CEO                                               : Maureen McCrory
World Titles                                   : 2(2003, 2004)




The Big Pappi’s need to find some direction as this team seems to constantly be going nowhere. Fans have been clamoring for managements head, however ownership has given management their endorsement to turn the team around. The Pappi’s should be looking at this year as a rebuilding year and try and make 2009 their new beginning.
Team Built around David Ortiz and Aramis Ramirez.


President and General Manager:  Ricky Falle
Assistant General Manager        :  Lambros Kapsalis
World Titles                                   :  0





 The Enforcers made it to the big dance again in 2007 facing the mighty Avolanche, endeavoring to tie the Avolanche in championship banners at 4. The Enforcers fought a good series going down in 7 games and now find themselves 2 banners behind and still in second place for most championships.


Team built around Ryan Howard and Carlos Beltran.

President and General Manager    : Jeff MacDuff
CEO                                                   : 55th division
World Titles                                       :3(2000,2001, 2005)




In 2008, the 208s franchise reached the TTBL playoffs for its 5th straight year. However, this year they put all the pieces together and dominated the post season with an impressive sweep of the Enforcers in the championships. Despite all this, the team is still shown very little respect from the rest of the league! But the owners arent concerned, as they have renewed management to a long term contract. The 208s look to be competitive in defending their title in 2009, but will need to trade wisely to repeat.

Team built around Grady Sizemore and Miguel Cabrera.

Head of scouting: its a secret!

World Titles                                       :1




    The Tuggers Nuts are in the process of building one of the strongest and youngest teams in SDSL history. It has been a very long process of losing seasons and last place finishes as the Tuggers have not seen the playoffs since 2005. They will be one of the teams to beat in 2008.


 His ever changing team is built around a carousel

President and General Manager   :John Tugnutt
CEO                                                  : Michael Tugnutt
World Titles                                      :3(1989,1994,1999)




It was a hell of a hangover year for the Triple A franchise after winning their first championship in 2006. The team continued to drink and party and forgot that the 2007 season had begun. They finished dead last after winning it all a la the Florida Marlins. The Triple A franchise should shake off the stupor of 2007 and should be a contending team in 2008.


Team built around Carlos Pena and Rick Martin.

President and General Manager     :Chris Baksh
World Titles                                      : 1 (2006)




The Sluggers used their ball park dimensions and favourable schedule to advance to the playoffs and upset the favoured 208’s, although beating the favoured 208’s is no longer considered an upset. The Sluggers franchise will be in tough in 2008 to make the playoffs.


Team built around Felix Hernandez and Hope.

President and General Manager     : Doug Oke
CEO                                                      : Marie Oke
World Titles                                         :  0                



The Lucky 7 franchise was bought out by the up and coming new talent Justen Pamplona. This team will be in very tough in 2008 as it is very old, creaky and no longer full of HGH. This will be a rebuilding type year and hopefully all will be right in 2009.


Team built around Lance Berkman and the minors.

President and General Manager     : Justen Pamplona
World Titles                                        :  0                





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