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Woodward Ave. sign Dream Cruise 98


After we picked up our car in the parking lot of the State Fairgrounds, Warren turned north on Woodward and suddenly, there was a '62 Corvair Monza Spyder beside us. He suggested he'd get ahead of it, pull over and give me a chance to get a picture.

A minute later, I jumped out and, as the Spyder approached I saw that it was being followed by a late model. As the Corvairs got closer, the drivers saw my camera and slowed for the shots.

'62 Corvair Monza Spyder

This is the Corvair that, along with the Oldsmobile Jetfire, pioneered turbocharging in the production car. The 1962 turbo Spyder... still rockin'.

Late model Corvair convertible

My personal choice, the late model Corvair. Another member of the Detroit Area Corvair Club, proudly participating in the Dream Cruise.

Late model Corvair convertible rear view

We came looking for Corvairs, and we found 'em. We also got to taste a little of the magic of Woodward Avenue. As a Canadian who grew up in the Atlantic Provinces, it was a special treat to visit the strip that we heard so much about in the Sixties.

Thanks to the people of Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Pontiac. Thanks as well to the Motor City and to our excellent tour leaders, Warren and Dylan Cosford.

We'll be back!

End of Dream Cruise coverage.

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