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Woodward Ave. sign Dream Cruise 98

I imagine that, with the recent success of the new Volkswagen beetle, there will be a resurgence of interest in the Volkswagens of the 60s, particularly the Karman Ghia. There were more than a few of them around in the 60s, and the example below seems to have blown into the late ninties in style.

A friend of mine in Toronto is planning to snag one a some point in the future. This one's for him.

VW Karman Ghia

50s Buicks were big, but they could be beautiful! That's especially true in you give 'em the treatment; chopped top, lowered suspension, etc. How's this for a retro-ride?

50s Buick

Still with Buick, here's one called the Blackhawk. Do I remember seeing this very ride on the cover of Rod and Custom or some other mag? According to site visitor Fred Orcutt, "the Blackhawk was not a production Buick or prototype." He remembers, "they were produced somewhere around 20 to 25 years ago by an outfit that heavily modified production Rivieras (or Electras, maybe?) and sold them as a turnkey product. Supposedly they were designed by no less a light than Virgil Exner and were hand-built in Italy. They went by the name Stutz Blackhawk, and I believe they sold for upwards of $20 thousand at that time. They struck me as a bit outlandishly styled, and I've always wondered what the target demographic segment was for that thing."

Buick Blackhawk

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