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Woodward Ave. sign Dream Cruise 98

Warren and the boys headed to the west side of the street, across the median, while I took more shots on the east side. Then, deciding to join the others, I started across Woodward, doing the New York dodge.

Once on the grassy median, with multiple lanes of jaw-dropping machinery on either side, I decided it was the ideal vantage point. I wasn't aware that spectators aren't supposed to set themselves up on the median and managed to shoot a roll of film before a friendly police officer noticed a crowd was gathering around me, and told us all to "move to one side or the other."

Hey, I needed to check on Warren and the boys anyway. No sweat.

Wheelie bars!

Notice the wheelie bars on the altered roadster? Betcha he needs 'em! Looks to me like a big block Chevy between the rails. The car wasn't that loud, and I didn't have time to figure out why, or how this ride was made street legal. Think he ever uses the 'chute?

No shortage of 3-window coupes. Dude is obviously having a good time!

All black 3-window

Once on the west side, I spotted this nifty '28 Chevy pickup.

'28 Chevy pickup

The only trouble with being on one side or the other of the street, is that the heavy traffic always seems to be on the other side.

My son and his pal Dylan were groovin' with some radio-controlled 1/8 scale race cars under the watchful eye of trusty pal, Warren. I touched base with them, watched Mark and Dylan win a race, got some water and headed out for more pics.

Mark and Dylan

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