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Woodward Ave. sign Dream Cruise 98

The SMART Shuttle took us north along Woodward. Somewhere around 13 Mile Rd., we got off and started walking along Woodward, where thousands of hot cars were parked on both sides of the wide, median-divided avenue.

The people of the Detroit area, we discovered, are very friendly. Maybe it was because most people along Woodward were there to share the Dream Cruise, but everywhere we went, we felt welcome.

The first Corvair I photographed was this '65 Monza Sport Coupe, belonging to Richard of the Detroit Area Corvair Club. Their Corvair Homecoming, he informed me, was slated for the following weekend.

'65 Corvair Monza

As we talked about his car, he pointed out the interior, which was stripped. He was is the midst of re-doing it, and also had plans to replace the 110 horsepower engine with a 140.

Action on Woodward was picking up now, as 11:00 o'clock approached. Before moving on, I told Richard my wife Chris and I would travel to Plymouth, Michigan from Ottawa the following weekend, to take in his club's event.

Hot 3-Window Coupe

Here's one very well executed 3-window coupe. In case you're wondering why it's called a 3-window, it's because there are no side windows other than those in the doors. Two in the doors and one in the rear makes it a 3-window. The windshield isn't considered a window.

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