Every kingdom must have a zoo.  Here are some present and former characters I have created.
Molly Elephant - named after one of my friends at Cornell.  Molly is the gentlest of all the characters.  She's very quiet though so I don't think she'll talk to you but if you see her, that probably means that everything is fine and in place.

Sir Frederic the Home Knight -  He used to be on a lot of pages for your convenience.  He's got a sword, but fortunately for you, it's only for self-defence.  Just don't try anything silly or he'll run you through.  Whether or not you be a damsel in distress, he'll gladly show you the way home.

Jeremy the E-Snail - also named after a friend at Cornell, he may look slow but he's the fastest snail on the planet.  It's not because he can move any faster than a normal snail, but considering that he can travel through cables and wires and hitch rides with electrical currents, it's no surprise that I've commissioned him as a messenger.  Click on him to send me an e-mail.

Honey Bear - appropriately named for his love of honey, he was born in the great northern wilderness.  Yes, in fact, Honey is a Canadian and the honey he's eating is a constant supply from Canada.  Eating honey is his favourite pastime... and only pastime.  He's extremely simple minded and loves playing with children.

Liszt the Link Horse - if you know who this horse was named after, you're probably *fluent* in the world of classical music.  In fact, Liszt was named after the composer by the same name... I happened to be listening to his music when I was trying to think of a name.  He loves running everywhere... especially other pages.  He's smaller than any other horse I've seen... about the same size as Crackers so don't expect him to carry you on his back.  Just follow.  If there's anywhere he wants to go, he'll tell you, no doubt about it.

Squawkity Parrot - If he's not talking, it means he doesn't like you so he'll play dumb.  Otherwise, you won't believe the things you'll hear coming from Squawkity's mouth.  His favourite hobby is listening to music and telling jokes.  If he REALLY likes you, he might even start singing.

"You know I'm the coolest of them all, right?" 1