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E-MU 1212m & 0404 Guide v1.2


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After countless never ending threads on forms, I decided to write up a small guide to help people along with their purchase.  Information was gathered from my own experience and many posts by experienced users over on head-fi.

First off, make sure you have all the software you will need.  You may want to create a new session to make patchmix a little easier to understand, you don't need all the strips if you are only using this for playback. 

Foobar 2000:
ASIO EXE & DLL versions:

E-MU Driver/Updates:

If you need to get some good 1/4 -> RCA cables to use, I recommend Headphile cables, you can also use 1/4"-> RCA Mono adapters from radio shack



Can I use my Audigy 2/zs EAX effects by passing the signal through via SPIF to my E-MU soundcard ?

YES! - Simply connect the audigy to the E-MU and set the E-MU sample rate to 48khz.  You will of course only get 2-channel audio but you get the gaming support the audigy's excel at.


How to setup Audigy Series soundcards & E-MU together in same system:

The first step to do, if you want to run an Audigy series soundcard & EMU soundcard together, would be to totally remove both cards drivers, uninstall via control panel, then use driver cleaner to ensure that there is nothing left behind. 

Install the Audigy, install the drivers ONLY (no control panels), use driver updates from creatives website, install EMU, and install its drivers without overwriting anything. You can still configure the audigy, by running CTpanel.exe file which you can configure most things (if not all) for the audigy 2. it's located in C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2\Program\WDM\COMMON

Driver Cleaner:


Foobar Setup:

Playback: Output mode set to 32bit fixed-point, or 24bit padded to 32bit.  No dithering, volume control to -2.00 DB to prevent clipping.  (Replaygain is up to you)

DSP Manager: Nothing but volume control, or SSRC Resampler if you want re-sampling -- you can select your re-sample rate up to 96000, if you want 192000 you simple type it in manually. You can select slow mode for minimal extra quality (arguable).

Output: Select ASIO DLL or EXE for output method, default timings are fine, you can adjust if you have problems.


Here is a link to some patchmix sessions I created, minimum setups for playback.


Create a new session, if you have the 1212m you can choose +4 or -10 (balanced/unbalanced) you can still use +4 with unbalanced cables, it provides a slightly louder, and some argue "original" signal, if you find that +4 gives you clipping, select -10.  Just select your sample rate, and minimum.

You should then have just a few strips, you can add FX/EQ settings if you wish by clicking the lil FX button on the top right.  You can adjust +4/-10 settings, digital output (SPID/ADAT) in options without creating a new session.