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Welcome To My Clients Page!!

I have been engaged by some of the best Image Consultants in North America to design their web pages by using the theme they have already developed for their marketing materials. This reinforces their individual business images to their customers and visitors.

Below are some of our clients' websites currently on the Internet. Please take the time to visit their sites as both examples of my work, and quite possibly to take advantage of their services. Feel free to contact them if you find their services of interest.

These links will open a new window for you to explore our clients' web pages. Simply close the resulting window, or press the Control and W key together, to return to this page.

Our Clients Currently On The Internet:

Karen Mack Image Management
We Prepare You For Your Future Success! Feel free to visit, and don't forget to sign up for Karen's Monthly Newsletter. I'm signed up, and I find her newsletter extremenly useful in helping me manage my stress, and how I think about world events. I man's opinion...but check her out. I'm sure you'll like what she has to say!

Refined Images
Refined Images™ is a consulting and training company offering image management services (including appearance and etiquette) to corporate groups and individuals.


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