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2fort door blocking is one of the basic and the most important exploits in TFC

Refer to these self explanatory pictures:

Another funny exploit is on the rock2 map

In the largest respawn (blue or red - doesn't matter) on its exit build a sentry gun, so that no one could leave the respawn. (Building requires careful alignment of the gun, it's difficult to build a blocking gun with the first try, so it may take some time.) Once you successfully built it, go to the ladder nearby and stay on it. The thing is, it's impossible for your teammates to move you while you are on the ladder. Even snipers won't be able to boost you up.

Well, now the respawn is completely blocked!

Properly built sentry gun:

The ladder you stay on:

P.S. The same can be done with the other two smaller respawns.

CS de_cbble exploit

Just to the right of the counter terrorists' respawn there is a door, which is narrow enough for one person to block it completely. Usually, the round comes to the end very quickly, because CTs are not able to defend themselves due to their limited mobility on the map:

Stay tuned! More exploits to come!

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