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Recipe for Hate's RPP (Raid Participation Points) and Reward System
    - written by Rigormortis

Why the System?

The system, hopefully, will ensure fairness and less randomness in the distribution of loot and reward. Granted, everyone that participated in a raid, should be able to roll on item that benefits them. But what if that person goes on a lucky streak? Not only will the others in the raid group feel let down, people may become discouraged going on further raids and eventually be burned out. This system is aimed at to reward those who put in the effort, and to insure that everyone is rewarded accordingly for their efforts in assisting the guild to progress collectively. So even if you are ever on a empty run streak, know that you are still being rewarded for your efforts, and the next piece of equipment you desire, you will have a much better chance, if not 100%, of acquiring it.

Ofcourse, each guild's RPP/DKP System will vary and be different from each other, but the principles remain the same.

Explaining the System

Earning RPP

RPP can be earned going on raids, from start to finish. The amount of RPP earned depends on the item dropped as well as the number of people in the Raid.

ie: Baron Stratholm Run
Leggings of Elements, Dreadmist Boots, Devout Boots, Beaststalker Boots dropped for a total of 50 RPP. The raid was completed by a 10 person Raid, so 50 divided by 10 is 5, thus each person in the Raid are awarded 5 RPP. (At the end of the Run)

However, it is important to note that the overall RPP must equal to zero. So in order for RPP to be given, the raid must be completed all the way and someone has to use their RPP to purchase the drops. This keeps the overall RPP to be maintained around a null value.

Sometimes, a wipe may occur, concluding a raid, or absolute worthless items are dropped during a raid (which no ones wants and goes to the Guild Stash), hence no RRP can be awarded. Another excellent example is preparing and farming the Viewing Room Key for a more appropriate date to complete Viewing Room itself.  But since people's times and effort has to be rewarded in some way (or else we would not have this kind of system in the first place), we bring in another aspect - IRPP (Irregular Raid Participation Points). Since IRPP directly influences of how loot is distributed along with RPP, in order for balance, IRPP adjustments will be made every week (IRPP is just entering the system, and without loot drops, it is not leaving the system, hence the need for weekly adjustments). The adjustment formula is simply the summary of all IRPP earned by all members, divided by the number of members. The result is what will be deducted from everyone's IRRP value.

Distributing the Loot

Suppose a Shadowcraft Belt (value of 15 RPP) dropped, Rogue A, B and C all want it.
Rogue A has RPP of 15, IRPP of 7.
B has RPP of 5 IRPP of -2.
C has RPP of 20 IRPP of 0.

The formula that determines who recieves the item in quest is:
All Gained RPP - RPP Value of Item in Quest + Current IRPP = Value.

Thus, A has a Value of 7, B -12, C 5.

In order to be 'qualified', you need at least a 0 Value. Thus Rogue B would not be allowed to compete for the item.
Rogue A has higher Value than B, but he is not 'insured' of the Belt, because clearly, Rogue C had a put in effort in Runs as well, only 2 RPP away from Rogue A. Hence the result is the final 2 rogues rolling against each other for the belt. The winner of the item will have the Item's RPP deducted from his original RPP. Thus if Rogue A wins the belt, his RPP will drop from 15 to 0.

A rule that rewards those who put in alot effort in Guild Raids, is that if anyone has a Value twice as much as the highest person competing for the same item, he would be automatically rewarded with the item. (So if Rogue A had a Value of 10, the item would go to him by default).

*Rules may vary while Officers iron the system out!

That is pretty much the basics of this system. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


*All Blue/Epic World Drops BOE goes directly to the designated Officer of the Raid. The item in question will rewarded via Merit Loot, decided by the Officers, meaning simply giving it to the person who deserved it most. Another option is to count the item as a Raid Drop, assign a RPP value and etc etc.


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