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My Poetry Corner
All poems here written by Angela Visco
between 1996 and 2003.

Through the murky waters I tread
The answer I seek, yet cannot discern
In the distance awaits the everlasting light
Blocked by the shadows and foliage of the trees

I reach a median which councils my direction
But the sprinkling of rain has intervened
I can no longer distinguish the path to follow
And the markings that remain are riddled with fear

I carefully proceed through the forest and stumble
But my fall is captured by a voice hidden within the shadows
HE who cautiously watches from a distance
It is HE who's guidance I seek, but is muted by reservation

Yet watchfully, he speaks in guarded tongue
And silently points to a clearing
If only the forest was much less distracting
And the fate of the path revealed

I’ll never forget the day we met
I was behind you,
you were ahead of me

We both turned to left,
and our eyes met…
not once….. not twice…
so nice

That night at the beach
The drive
I felt alive
For once

Wrapped in your arms
No harm
No wrong
Just right
That night

But reality stopped us
And forced us apart
And years would go by
But you’re still in my heart

After all these years,
I long to feel your touch
Your penetrating stare
Your lips
Your kiss

Unsaid words
Precious time wasted
I didn’t want you to leave
But I never said "stay"

Was I just dreaming?
Or just a vivid imagination?
Your eyes revealed your soul
But I still told you to go

Yet after all this time
The wounds still feel fresh
Sometimes I’d catch you watching
From a distance

You didn’t have the courage to speak
And tell
So I didn’t go after you
But I would in an instant
If you told me “I love you”

Those nuances

Less is more
Or is it?

Is “sufficiency” the goal?
or retreating in your shell?

Discretion is an obsession
Obsession is an emotion
Emotion is concealing
Not feeling

Perhaps revealing means weakness?
Emptiness or wholeness?

Don’t consume
or assume

the answer is infront of you
the outcome is ahead of you
the fear is inside you

don’t fear
an ear
or an eye
the lips can disclose

but suppose

suppose the response is welcomed?

Your head or your heart
Your head means safety
But the heart is what feels
Hide your intentions
Or speak up and reveal
You might be surprised

Like the beats of a drum
Murmuring behind
A roar in the night
So bright
Like the moon
or the midnight sun

Like a serpent in the corner yielding
Stalking her victims

But all is not lost
for the child knows
the beast
shall be the least
To smile
when the day is done

Conceal the emotion



March 14, 1996

Thoughts of darkness cloud my head
Emptiness surrounds my soul
Lost and alone I sit here and wonder
... and wait

when will my time come to an end?
When will I die?

I sit here alone in my morbidness
A woman dressed in black, in mourning
For her love now lost?
Or for a life that brings no happiness

Fears of death and bodies consumed by maggots, rotting
Visions of ghosts with sunken faces
All black and blue, eroding

Here today, gone tomorrow
Why do we live?
Why do we love?
Why do we die?

What is the purpose of being here only to lose?
Tears held back...
Tired of crying
Tired of being here
And sad

Michael Scott VanDyke
December 1968 to March 1996

May your soul rest in Peace
See you in Heaven
Love always,

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