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MacLennan Family Heritage Connections

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book05.gifgeocities mirror Welcome To The Clan's Story Page book05.gifgeocities archive           The purpose of this page is to not only entertain the previewer but to bring all of us closer to our Scottish ancestral ties by sharing information and stories.

          If there are any who wish to contribute their own Clan MacLennan story (fact/fiction), we will gladly preview them and if applicable post that link with a preview on this page.

          As is the case with all public information posted on this site, if the work presented here is not the work of the author or is in dispute as to copyright ownership, the work will be removed promptly with our apologies.

          All works presented on this page are assumed to be covered under copyright laws and as such can not be duplicated or used in any way without the direct consent of the author. To that end each piece of work will have the author's ~eMail address attached at the end of their story.

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book05.gifgeocities archive THE ROWAN TREE - by: O.W. Sharp           "The Rowan Tree" was written by Mrs. Olive Wendy Sharp in 1996.

          A brief summary by her son Rob Sharp: "It's an encapsulation of her childhood - the good bits and the bad, and is especially interesting because my grandfather, was a Regimental Sergeant Major in the King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) regiment."

          This story fascinated me for two reasons. The first; I have always been a history buff thus the genealogy page so reading a story about a MacLennan is a must on my part.

         Secondly and foremost was to be allowed to share in a person's recollection of her childhood as she moved from army posting to army posting AND her feelings towards the environment and people she grew up with. A story which stirred up fond and not so fond memories of my own youth.

          Thanks Mrs. Sharp for sharing not only your experiences but your dad - "The Duke".

Any comments or questions for the author can be directed to:
Rob Sharp at   folder.gifgeocities mirror and/or
Mrs. Wendy Sharp at   folder.gifgeocities mirror

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book05.gifgeocities archive"Vercingetorix: Celtic Resistance Leader against Caesar"
by: Robert M. Gunn, {Skyelander}           Robert M. Gunn {Skyelander} ; noted author, medieval historian and editor, relates the true story of Gallic (Gaul, modern day France) Celt leader, Vercingetorix's battle for freedom against the tryranny of Caesar and the Roman Empire.

          In Robert Gunn's account, he gives the researcher a Celtic foundation for building a good understanding of Scottish Culture and Society.

book05.gifgeocities mirror"The Highland Clearances; Its Causes, Effects and Results."
by: Robert M. Gunn, {Skyelander}           A summary as written by the author; "An unflinching, historically accurate, five chapter Highland perspective view of the causes, effects and the final results of the tragic and dramatic Highland Clearances. If you are unfamiliar with this story, it may shock you, but it is vital aspect of Scottish and world history, and needs to be told".

          The author, Robert Gunn achieves that level of writing which gives the reader the information needed to undertstand why Scotland's Highlanders really left their beloved highlands. In my estimation a fascinating account of a very tragic era in Scottish history.

Any comments or questions for the author can be directed to Robert Gunn at: folder.gifgeocities archive

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book05.gifgeocities archive"The Scots/Irish Immigration of the 1700s"
An article written by: Don Spidell in collaboration with GFS Linda, Co-leader Scot and Irish SIG, AOLGenealogy Forum.           Don sets out to explain the why and how the Scots immigrated from their home land. There is a powerful description of the trip from Scotland to the Colonies and how the so called Scots/Irish lived in the new world.

          The author goes far beyond a pioneers tale by allowing the reader to see how the Scots helped shape this new land called North America.

          I personally found the authors' account not only interesting but revealing as well. History tells of the importance of this group of people but not to the extent that this author does. Thank you Don.

Any comments or questions for the author can be directed to Beth Spidell at: folder.gifgeocities mirror

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book05.gifgeocities mirror   "The Heather on Fire", by; Mathilde Blind

   "The Heather on Fire", is a Tale of Highland Clearances. The University of Indiana's Electronic Collection focusing on the Victorian Women Writers with Perry Willett, as General Editor is home to this on-line poem {written in sonnet form} by Mathilde Blind.

   With permission to reprint this tragic story please direct yourself to; this separate page dedicated to Mathilde Blind work. A word of caution, this page is 145k in size and may take a few moment to download. Look for the notes on the various stanzas throughout the poem. Some are real eye openers as to the treatment the Lords had over their tenants.

   To understand the spirit in which this book was written you will find a clue presented by the dedication found in the original book "Heather On Fire", written by the author Mathilde Blind.

Dedicated to Captain Cameron,
   Whose glory it is to have thrown up his place rather than proceed in command of the steamer "Lochiel," which was to convey the police expedition against the Skye crofters in the winter of 1884.

   Any comments or questions please contact Perry Willett, Indiana University. : folder.gifgeocities mirror

  •    From Electric Scotland The following two forms will direct you to: "A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland", by Samuel Johnson; Parts 1 and 2. The information was compiled in 1773 at the onset of the Clearances. This may help to give you more of an insight as to the social demographics of the times. To get back to this site simply use your BACK button.

    book05.gifgeocities mirror The Scottish Writer - Robert Burns

    "The Life of Robert Burns"
    by Rev. George Gilfillan, August 1886
    Volumes kindly supplied to Electric Scotland by; Ranald McIntyre

    To view the following click on the desired chapter.

              Each of the above chapters are linked directly to their orgin:
    Electric Scotland:
    Any comments or questions for the author can be directed to Ranald McIntyre at: folder.gifgeocities archive

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