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   I had initially started to design a genealogical site for my paternal side of the Clan MacLennan, starting from my father, John William MacLennan who was born in Caledonia Springs, Presott County, in Eastern Ontario. I had originally wanted to link our family line to others throughout Canada. It was going to be a big undertaking as I had little information to go with and was a strict 'novice' in all its meaning when it came to genealogy.

    I learned very quickly that if you don't have legitimate documents, your assumptions (if wrong) can throw you off for weeks, months or even years. After year #l, the concept of the MacLinks Site evolved. It was created for the sole purpose of gathering information not only from MacLennan Clansmen for the MacLennan Clan but the many researchers on the web, in the hopes of eliminating some of the frustrating problems of ancestral research. THE FAMILY CONNECTION WAS ON!

    The first of the many that I have to thank for their encouragement and assistance are actually a pair of fellow clansmen and gentlemen. Jim Mclennan and Doug MacLennan were the first to introduce themselves and to praise me on my token efforts with the Original MacLennan Glengarry site. Shortly after, I surfed right into Diane MacKenzie's web site. Not only does Diane present a very creative site with all sorts of wonderful things to see; she has a wealth of genealogical research information within her huge family lines.

    With Jim and Mary (McLennan) Davidson working together to create the Western MacLennan Web Site, my mind was now made up. It was here that I decided to leave my individual quest of frustration and try to get others to help me by sharing their knowledge and information with and for all of the clan members.

    Although a slow and tedious job, my research has become a journey of pleasure and enjoyment. I have already met a number of very worthwhile friends that have been a tremendous assistance to me. Besides Jim, Mary, Doug and Diane, I have had the pleasure of meeting a genius at finding information at what appears to be just in the drop of a hat. Rhonda Houston has added more to our genealogical pages and general information than is realized.

   We continue to grow more and more each week. This has not been accomplished soley by myself but rather as a family effort. My oldest brother John and his wife Irene, along with their encouragement have supplied, and continue to do so, the family pictures and whatever other artifacts or information that may be important in verifying ancestral documention. The old saying, "Two heads are better than one", has never been so true as it has been with our family research. Through discussion and good old fashion footwork, John and I have been able to travel back to the 1700's to validate ideas and the direction of our research by obtaining the ever elusive, legitimate documention.

   My dear sister Catherine and brother Frank's efforts have placed the family on my mother's side back to the Duke and Duchess of Kent. John's son - my nephew Ken and Ken's wife - Cristy my neice, are continually working at editing pages, sharing ideas and links. Along with Matt, Mike, Dan - my sons and Heather, Dan's better half. My dear wife, Ruth, deserves a big thank you for her patience and understanding in allowing the computer and I to be lost for hours on this archive, that layout, more editing and so on. Each of these individuals have become a vital part to the backbone of this project with their continued persistance, support and enthusiasm.

   Our work on the heritage of the clan and the culture of Scotland is never ending. With the help of Joanne Mackenzie-Winters, Jamie and Vicki (Trudell) Seisler, Douglas Macgowan and Robert Gunn, the information continues to grow to the benefit of all. Thanks to their work; the overall goal of extending our Scottish Heritage to many more clansmen is being achieved slowly but surely.

   The success of this project will be determined not only by the information set forth but how it is presented. I am, obviously very proud of my heritage. Along with Diane MacKenzie's creative ideas and very positive direction and support, I have found and become friends with Beth Trainer. Their graphic presentations, layout ideas and information origins have been a vital aspect towards developing this web site. You may see both of their sites at the top of the creative links list as it develops.

   The Clan MacLennan WebSite grew out of its parent site, MacLinks' Family Connection Genealogy Pages. As of January, 2001 Maclinks became two separate sites. Without the assistance of all of the above, this position would not have been fulfilled. A family has evolved that is working together to help others and themselves.

   When I started this quest there was only "1" involved bumping his "empty head" against obstacle after obstacle. NOW! - there are almost 100 making the bumping into obstacles much less painful and the rewards far greater.

   Caesar once said; after dealing one of many fatal blows to the northern Celts millenniums ago, - "I came, I saw, I conquered!" Although the MacLinks/Clan MacLennan WebSites can't be compared to Caesar or his conquests, the individuals within its workings, "Have come, Are contributing and Will enlighten all." Thank you for deciding to work on the MacLinks/Clan MacLennan WebSites or are here just for a visit.

Most sincerely;

David MacLenmnan - MacLizard of Family Connections

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~ New Friends and Mentors. ~

   It goes without saying, as one continues on with the task at hand, we meet and enjoy the friendship of new supporters. These individuals have taken the time to continue on with the friendship by keeping in touch. Their comments and ideas bring about changes which are needed to keep the enthusiasm going.

    Wiferd A. Paterson once said,

"To be a friend, a man (or woman) should strive to lift people up, to encourage, and to set an example that will be an inspiration to others."

    I have chosen to continue with this acknowledgement page for as long as I remain on-line so that all will know that even the smallest gesture goes a long way in helping others. I will submit only names and national origins for privacy reasons unless authorized to do so differently.

Thank you to:
Leon Vance - The Australian Connection
Donald MacLennan - The Scottish Connection
Jimmie Lee Robins - The 1st. Nation's Connection
Sonja - The Stewart Findlay McLennan Connection
Tom and Sue McFarland - The Translator Utility Connection
Marc Jerome - The Southern United States Connection
Cas Liber - The 2nd Australian Connection
Sharie Argue - The Manitoba, Canada Connection
Jilly Wilson - The 2nd Scottish Connection
Kathy Bird - The United States Census Records Connection
Helen Moody of South Carolina, Barbara Hodges, - The Civil War Connection
Mark Lause and Ron & Mary at - The Civil War Connection
Mary Kearns Trace - The Canadian Genealogy Resource Connection
Shalori - The Genealogy Research Forms Connection
Rhonda R. McClure - The Genealogy Information Connection
Barbara Jean Green - The Cemetery Research Connection
Lois L. Guffy, Lori D. Plymesser, Elaine and Pat - The United States Revolutionary War Connection
Lil Marlau - The USGenWeb Census Connection

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Enjoy - Dave MacLennan (MacLinks Family Connections) & Bruce McLennan (Clan MacLennan - Worldwide)

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