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My Trip to


We rode on the Coach Canada Bus to Florida.  To get there, we had to spend 2 days sitting in the bus with a few stops for washrooms. The first 2 days were uneventful.  We ate at a buffet restaurant on the second day and I had a record of eating 6 full dishes! On the third day, we reached Disneyland.  We went to 2 kingdoms per day.  We went to the Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom first.  In Magic Kingdom at night, we saw a parade with all of the Disney Characters in it.  Then we went to Islands of Adventure and Epcot.  We saw fireworks at night in Epcot.  We only visited Universal Studios on the 6th day.  After that, we went to the Coca Cola Factory.  There were so many flavours to taste test! For example, there was a peach flavoured one!  Then we went to the Air Force Museum.  There were so many army planes and exhibitions on famous historical planes there.  I also got to be in a picture where I was in a space suit.  Unfortunately, it was only one of the pictures where you stick your head in a hole.  I wish I was really in the real space suit!  We spent the last 2 days getting home and it was uneventful like the first 2 days. Overall, I think that this was the best vacation I've had!

To see the pictures that we took, visit:;jsessionid=hbjig0z9s1.buffalo_s


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