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Random Thoughts

25 October 2005

high school reunion in 2 weeks!

about a week ago, ciro told me that our good old high school, MW, is having a 20th anniversary celebration in mid-november, and that this event is going to double as a reunion for all MW alumni! this is great! MW's never really been involved too closely with its alumni, but i'm hoping that this 20th anniversary event is the start of something new.

thinking back to my high school days, it's amazing just how many people i've lost touch with over the years - over the past decade, i've only kept regular contact with ciro, kevin and chris. it'll be really neat to see everyone again and see what everyone's up to.

lastly, i went to the reunion website and saw that several of my old classmates are MARRIED already, with kids!! now, that's scary ...

22 October 2005

korean bbq without stu just isn't the same

for the first time in 4 months, the familiar waterloo crowd came to town for the meat-fest. however, it was the first meeting since stu became a vegetarian. stu becoming a vegetarian? let me explain. stu's become interested in buddhism recently, and this past june, decided to become one. however, one of the precepts of buddhism that he follows forbids the harming of animals. so, there you have it.

he's said that he would still attend our korean bbq meetings in the future, but he would order something like vegetarian bibimbab instead of eating from the grill. of course, he would also be able to have the vegetable appetizers on the side. many of us have been looking forward to this day with glee, to see if stu can really resist the smell of grilled meat.

either way, korean bbq with vegetarian stu just won't be the same ...

20 October 2005

should i get a new LCD monitor?

it seems like everyone these days is getting a LCD monitor. with the prices dropping every week, i can understand why. i'm thinking of getting one, but i'm not sure what i'd do with my old one, nor am i entirely sure that i could afford it, given my upcoming move. i've never been the type of person who insists on buying the newest electronic gizmos - i'm completely happy with my current 17" non-flatscreen CRT monitor, which i bought over 4 years ago with the rest of my system.

a few weeks ago, tak from work bought a 19" viewsonic for $360, which really is a great deal. i'm not sure if i need a monitor that large, or i need the 8ms video response time since i hardly play any graphically intensive video games. one thing is for sure ... i'm in no rush to buy anything. i may even wait for boxing day to see if the prices drop any further.

regardless of whether i get one for myself, i know what i'm getting my parents for their anniversary. they've been complaining that their 15" CRT is too small and that the picture quality is poor ... they're in for a surprise!

19 October 2005

super-busy at work

i don't think i've ever been this busy during my 2.5 years at alcatel. i've had to go to the office for 3 straight saturdays, and it looks like it'll be 4 in a row soon. we have a deadline to meet, but the problem is that everybody needs to use the lab at the same time, so people get double-shifted to odd hours and weekends. my weekends now start at 2pm saturday. it also sucks cause i haven't been able to sleep in on saturday mornings.

one thing i really like about alcatel is that employees are paid for doing overtime, so if i go into the office, i'm compensated for my time. even better is that if we put in enough hours, the excess hours are paid at 1.5 times our usual salary. so, working 50 or more hours in a week can really boost one's paycheque. i did 52 hours last week, and i'm thinking of doing it again next week. of course, the downside is that i haven't been getting much sleep these days. i have to be careful, because getting ill during these next few weeks would NOT be a good thing ...

15 October 2005

zoo run in 34:45 ... probably not so good, but not so bad either

so, after 4 months of inactivity, vince convinced me to take part in the annual zoo run, held at the toronto zoo.

now, i'll be the first to admit that i've been getting extremely lazy when it comes to keeping in shape. after the run i did in june, i haven't done any exercise outside of dragonboating and cycling. i actually think i'm getting somewhat fat. and my time, 34:45 for 5 kms, was actually slower than my time of 33:51 in the june race.

however, here's the thing: after so many months of inactivity, and having only two practice runs before the zoo race of 2.5K and 4K, i was able to do entire 5K today without stopping. apparently, my body's used to it now and it seems that i can do a 5K run without much preparation, so i'm not totally out of shape.

with the winter approaching, it looks like the end of outdoor running for another year. i'm really looking forward to my new condo, cause i'll have access to so many excellent facilities for exercise.

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