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Random Thoughts

30 November 2004

vegas at christmas?

i was talking to vince recently and since our planned trip to las vegas earlier this year didn't fly, we decided to consider the possibility of going down over the holidays. originally i had been hoping to volunteer to go down to vegas for business (and thereby have my hotel and flight paid for!!), but unfortunately that plan fell through. oh well ... if i had gone on business, i would have had to work 10-hour days, so there wouldn't have been much time for fun.

nothing's been confirmed yet, but i'm really looking forward to this. i haven't had a vacation since europe two years ago and i really need one. i know that keith is going to vegas with his parents around christmas, so we can hit the poker rooms together ...

27 November 2004

48000 km in 19 months - bad?

i took my car to the dealership today for the 48000 km checkup. this checkpoint is supposed to occur two years after the date of purchase. well, i reached it in slightly over 19 months. i do drive my car a LOT, but i do bring it in for regular oil changes and i hope i'm not shortening its lifespan with all this added mileage. i'm not planning on selling my car anyways, all i want is for my car to last me 10 years without any major problems.

me & my car have had a great relationship for a year and a half now and hopefully it'll continue for a long time!

with all that added mileage, thank goodness i didn't lease ...

25 November 2004

the armageddon experience ... i'll never be the same again

after work today, my co-workers took me out for dinner at duff's wings! i know my b-day's still 6 days away but it was really nice of them to do this for me. thanks everyone!

winston and clement actually had a competition to see who could eat more armageddon wings. i can't believe anyone would want to punish themselves in the name of bragging rights, but that's me. poor winston claimed that while eating his first wing, he felt a blood rush in his leg muscles. that scared him good and he stopped after two wings. clement was a little braver (or foolish, depending on your point of view). he started sweating profusely after the first wing, which is usual whenever he eats spicy food, but he kept right on going. he had to take a cooling-down period after each wing. then, he went crazy and had three armageddon wings in a row with no break. when the smoke cleared he had finished 6. i think it is an amazing feat to finish even 2 of those wings. after witnessing that feat, all i can say is that i'm not worthy. clement is the man.

since it was my b-day, i was forced to try one of the armageddon wings. now, i've written about those wings before, and how tasting the sauce caused my tongue to go numb a few weeks ago. well, that's nothing compared to actually eating a wing baked in that sauce. strangely, when i bit into the wing, i didn't feel anything out of the ordinary for the first 20 seconds. i actually managed to finish half of a wing before the agony started. my mouth was numb and on fire for the next 15 minutes. it was so painful i couldn't talk, and i was draining glasses of ice water like there was no tomorrow. of course, everyone had a good laugh. ruvena took a few photos of me in a semi-incapacitated state. she said that in one of the photos, i resembled jesus, praying to the heavens. i'll have to see that one.

if it's your b-day and you're forced to eat an armageddon wing as part of your b-day celebration, here's the strategy - wolf it down as fast as you can before the sauce gets absorbed into your mouth and tongue. if you don't do it in 30 seconds, you'll probably fail.

i finally regained the feeling in my mouth and tongue about 20 minutes later. i don't want to ever go through that experience again. well, at least not until my b-day next year ...

24 November 2004

sound card issues

after installing xp two weeks ago on my pc, the final unresolved issue was the fact that my computer could not produce any sounds. well, I finally got my creative sb live! value sound card working on xp tonight after at least 10 hours of solid troubleshooting over the past two weeks. anyways, here's how I did it: