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Random Thoughts

28 May 2005

anime north 2005

after hearing about the 2005 anime north convention, and hearing that they would be needing go instructors to help teach the game to new players (due to the hikaru no go craze), i immediately volunteered! this was an excellent opportunity to spread the game to new players and i was looking forward to being a part of it.

the convention was held in an airport hotel, coincidentally, the same hotel where my mom used to own a store 15 years ago. having never attended an anime convention before, i was quite surprised to see people dressed in all sorts of costumes, no doubt portraying their favourite anime character. there was one person in a huge cat costume with a dopey-looking tail. i tried to take as many pictures as possible without looking conspicuous.

during the day, we had quite a few people walk up, wanting to learn how to play the game. we managed to get enough people together to stage a 13 by 13 tournament in the evening, which i helped to referee. it was interesting watching the games progress ... most of the beginners played very well.

the organizers were kind enough to reward volunteers with a free pin, poster and t-shirt. i know i'll be back to volunteer again next year, but the question is ... who should i dress up as?

26 May 2005

star wars master plan: UPDATE

ladies and gentlemen, the master plan is proceeding smoooothly.

two days ago, i saw episode iii after work at the colossus, and it was great ... it was so much better than the first two episodes. then tonight, i rented episode iv from rogers video ... and it was really good, even though it was made over 25 years ago! the saddest part was watching obi-wan die ... <sob> ... WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?? WHY?????

other interesting things about episode iv: