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Random Thoughts

26 May 2004

trip to hell; or, my first visit to the dentist in 2 years

today, i finally bit the bullet and visited the dentist's office which i hadn't been to in about 2 years. i don't know how most people feel about visiting their dentists, but i absolutely hate it. it's painful, it's uncomfortable, and my dentist always drones on and on about how i need to brush better and floss more regularly. my dislike of dentists is also due partially to bad childhood experiences, because i've had at least 10 teeth surgically removed during my childhood. fortunately, my current dentist isn't totally horrible - she's actually quite decent. i'm sure some people out there are totally grossed out by the fact that it's been two years since i had my teeth cleaned, but then there are sure to be some sympathizers out there too who believe only masochists have their teeth cleaned every 6 months. the good thing is that i don't have to go back for a long long time. and the real miracle ... no cavities! ha! no cavities!!!

due to the dentist appt in the morning, i couldn't leave work early and so i missed the first choir practice of the summer, which really sucks! i'll be there next week for sure.

24 May 2004

super size me

since nothing's happening on this victoria day, i thought i'd talk about a movie that i watched about two weeks ago, called super size me. basically, a filmmaker, after hearing about obesity lawsuits filed against mcdonald's in the usa, wondered what would happen to a person if he/she ate nothing but mcdonald's food for a whole month. the filmmaker decided to volunteer himself as the guinea pig, and the film documents this shocking, life-altering experience. i highly recommend this movie - you'll never see fast food the same way again (and in the favour, maybe do some good for your body in the long term).

since i don't have anything to do today, i might as well do something productive and install my air conditioner before it actually starts to get hot and humid around here. sorry to disappoint you ming, but the a/c machine still runs great!

15 May 2004

my dreams come true

i'm back after almost a month away from my webpage! i suppose everyone will want to know what i've been doing for the past month and why i haven't written anything during this time. i don't want to say too much, but the reason is because ... i've started a relationship with a wonderful girl whom i met recently. we've been going out together for almost a month now and it's been the happiest month of my life. she's a little shy, and she's asked me not to use her real name here ... so i'll refer to her as "pizza" for the time being until i think of a better nickname.

other than that, i can't really think of much else that's happened over the past month. oh yes! i met kevin and ciro for dinner last friday at destiny teppanyaki in the bamburgh circle plaza in scarborough. it was good to see kevin after so long, as i hadn't seen him since his wedding last june. anyways, his appetite is as huge as ever - i guess all-you-can-eat dinners are perfect for him. the food at destiny was great and we managed to stuff ourselves full within the 90-minute time limit. we'll definitely be back, but the one thing that you should do before going to destiny is make a reservation ... they're really busy on the weekends and it's entirely possible that you'll have to wait over an hour if you don't have a reservation.

also, choir practice will resume next wednesday, so that's something i'm looking forward to - i haven't done any singing (choir, karaoke or otherwise) in over a month.

and i apologize for not writing anything for so long! i promise to try and get back into my old routine and write here more often ...

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