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Random Thoughts

28 Mar 2004

take him to detroit ...

i met my parents for lunch today at a restaurant called "fire and ice" up in markham on hwy 7 west of woodbine. it's similar to the mongolian grill in waterloo, only better! the way it works is this: there's a grill in the center of the restaurant where they do all the cooking. first, you select a combination of meats from the menu. then, you pick your vegetables and sauce at the counter, put it on a plate, and give it to a chef. then the chefs at the grill cook your order for you! it's better than the mongolian grill because this place cooks your veggies and meats separately, which is important because they have different cooking times. at mongolian they throw everything into one big pile, which means that everything gets charred while the chicken is still cooking. the downside of fire and ice is that there is no all-you-can-eat special, which i'm sure will disappoint stu and the rest of the waterloo carnivores.

anyways, i ordered the manager's special, which had steak, shrimps and scallops in it, and it was great! for $15 i had so much food (hey, it takes a lot of skill to cram the maximum possible amount of noodles and veggies into one plate) that i took the leftovers home and had enough for dinner. i'll be back.

on another note, i was thinking of how i nearly got sent to detroit by my group leader last week ... which reminded me of a hilarious scene from the infamous kentucky fried movie. click here for the priceless sound clip ...

no! not detroit! anything but that! nooooooo ...

24 Mar 2004

happy b-day jennifer!

yesterday we celebrated jennifer's b-day by going to shoeless joe's sports bar at hwy 404 and hwy 7 in richmond hill. on tuesdays they have a 2-for-1 deal for chicken wings, so when you order 16 wings, you actually get 32 for the same price! we wound up eating nothing but wings ... my favourite flavour was the southern bbq flavour, which had a nice cajun taste to it. for some reason the taste reminded me of the wings at the honest lawyer bar/pub on dundas st in london, where keith and i went occasionally to watch monday night football in fall 2002.

the funniest part of the night was when winston pulled out the gift we brought for jennifer. winston told everyone it was a keychain ... but it was actually a musicbox! whoops!

21 Mar 2004

getting lazy ...

i noticed i hadn't written anything for 9 days. time really seems to fly by quickly. i spent some time this past week trying out my new digital camera ... the pics really look great! unfortunately i'm getting near my 10mb quota, so i can't upload any more pics to my website.

yesterday after mandarin class, elisa and i went to practice mandarin at a food court on silver star blvd. i've passed by that plaza a few times before, but i never knew there was a food court in there! the nice thing was that it was pretty quiet in there even during the peak afternoon hours, and we were able to sit there as long as we wanted. anyways, we got a lot of practice in, even though we got distracted and started chatting after awhile ...

we then met up with the waterloo crowd for korean barbecue for dinner. keith brought gavin along, who i hadn't seen in about 4 years. it seemed like poor gavin had been stuck in waterloo forever working on his comp sci / bio double major, but he's finally done and he's now working at a downtown hospital as a genetic engineer, which sounds like a really neat job. stu came alone this time (his trusty waterloo sidekicks couldn't make it), but he still managed to eat a ton of food. good old stu ... he's truly one-of-a-kind.

hmm ... jennifer's b-day celebration is on tuesday, that should be fun. happy birthday jennifer, and make sure to wear your seatbelt at all times! (to everyone else: watch out for the maniac in the white corolla/blue matrix)

12 Mar 2004

a well-deserved break

after all the events that occurred over the past two weeks, it'll be nice to have a sunday where i can finally get some sleep.

unfortunately, our planned trip to vegas in april fell through because francis (a friend in los angeles who was going to meet us in vegas) didn't have enough vacation days left, plus he already had plans to host another friend during late april. so, vince and i are turning to plan b, which is to spend a weekend in new york city. let's hope plan b works out.

and yes, i'm still in the midst of reading goedel, escher, bach. i've finally reached the halfway point of the book. it'll probably be summertime when i finally finish the whole thing.

08 Mar 2004

the hart house farm

yet another busy weekend. i spent it with my fellow hart house singers at the hart house farm, which is a small house (kinda like an old-style farmhouse, or cabin) way up northwest of toronto! sadly, the bus departed at 10am, which meant yet another early weekend morning. we ate, had workshops, ate, played games, watched movies, and ate some more. and even after all that eating there was still too much food left!

on saturday night we watched the movie run lola run, which i had heard about many times before and had never had the chance to watch. i really enjoyed the subtle differences between the three "variations" played out by the film, and seeing how each of the differences in the variations led to the different endings. note to self: start watching more arthouse movies and quit watching the garbage from hollywood.

once again i forgot to bring something important. in this case, it was a sleeping bag. i had to sleep on a rock-hard mattress, without a blanket, in a cold room. even though i turned in around 2am, i couldn't sleep and was curled up in a fetal position due to the cold. i don't know what time i finally managed to fall asleep but the sky was getting bright. when everybody else woke up at 9am i was forced to get up too, stumbling around in a blind haze.

other than the fact that i got virtually no sleep on saturday night, i really enjoyed myself and i would like to thank the organizers for putting everything together for the rest of us.

when i finally got back to toronto i got one other piece of business out of the way before getting some sleep. i went to futureshop and bought a digital camera that i had been eyeing for the past few weeks, and it was on sale too! now i am no longer cameraless but i will be down a whole pile of $$$ after the memory card, batteries and taxes are factored in. oh well, i suppose that's what income tax refunds are for.

i slept at 9:30pm last night. outside of sundry events like air travel and all-nighter sessions at university, i can't remember the last time i went to bed that early ...

04 Mar 2004


i've been typing so much regarding my go tournament that i'm going to make today's entry brief. yesterday evening, ciro and i went to the tso at roy thomson hall to see itzhak perlman conduct music by mozart and schubert (whoa, 2 concerts in 4 days! yes this has been an extremely busy week for me.) the tickets were only $10 and the performance was excellent. if you're under 30, love classical music and want cheap concert tickets, visit tsoundcheck asap!

01 Mar 2004

schafer festival and the "french fry"

surprise! my day yesterday didn't end with the go tournament. i drove downtown afterwards, to the cbc studios on front st, for the schafer music festival at 7:30pm. (the hart house singers sold tickets to the festival for $11.50, which was a very reasonable price.) now, i'm not a fan of modern music (i.e., stuff written after 1900), so i didn't have very high expectations. however, i was pleasantly surprised by the music before the intermission.

after the intermission, we were presented with the worldwide premiere of a new work by mr. schafer, called "the fall into light". i'm sorry, but i did not like this work at all. it was representative of just about everything i hate about modern music, and worst of all, the piece lasted over an hour. at the end, naturally, mr. schafer received a prolonged standing ovation from the crowd.

at work today, willem showed me something that scarred me for life. before he left work last friday evening, he took a two-week old french fry from wendy's (please don't ask me how he acquired the "specimen"; all i will say is that i was involved somehow) and he placed the fry on top of three thick napkins, which he left untouched over the weekend. he showed me the fry today, and there was a HUGE spot of grease surrounding the two-week-old fry. in fact, there was so much grease that the grease soaked through all three napkins and came in contact with the plastic bag beneath the napkins.

i don't know about you, but for a two-week-old fry to have THAT much grease in it is just ... well, it's disgusting, that's what it is. i don't think i'm ever going to eat french fries again.

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