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Random Thoughts

21 June 2005

another jogging update ...

i went down to the beach again at 9pm tonight and i managed to hit the 6.5km mark, going from the palace pier all the way to the royal canadian legion building near jameson. after the run, i could feel the blood rushing through my temples. whee! i think i must have been on some kind of adrenaline rush or something.

when i passed by the dragon boat practice area, i tried to look for vince's team but i didn't see their boat on the water. i must have arrived after their practice ended.

on another note, vince's team's dragon boat race is taking place this sunday. good luck vince!

12 June 2005

5km in 33:51 ... i guess that's not too bad

for the first time ever in my life, i woke up at 6:30am two sundays in a row. this morning i drove stu, who crashed at my place overnight, to mississauga first thing in the morning, to the buddhist temple on erin mills parkway. stu'll be going vegetarian in a few days ... once that happens, life at korean bbq just isn't going to be the same anymore.

it was a great day for a run, as the weather was not too hot and the rain which had fallen overnight had stopped. my goal was simply to finish the race without having to slow down to a walk, and i managed it. i now have a nice snazzy orange t-shirt to show for my efforts - my first orange t-shirt!

there's always room for improvement ... i think doing 10km in under an hour will be my next goal. however, this is something i don't expect to achieve in a week, or even a month. just being able to run 10k will be significantly more difficult than 5k, but it's a challenge i'm looking forward to!

07 June 2005

training for the toronto challenge this sunday

i heard from "dragon boating" vince about the toronto challenge 5km run coming up this sunday, and decided it would be fun to try it out, as i had never run in a public race before. it's also for a good cause, as the money goes towards seniors in toronto's homes for the aged. over the past month or so, with the weather warming up, i've started jogging again regularly, starting with short 2km jogs but slowly increasing the length of my runs.

today i decided to go all the way and try the whole 5km along the usual path along the waterfront. i managed to do it without stopping! i jogged quite slowly and it took me 38 minutes, but i'm still proud of my accomplishment. i think i'll do one more short run later this week and i should be ready to go for sunday.

come and cheer me on!

05 June 2005

becel ride for heart

today was the day of the big bike ride, the becel ride for heart along the gardiner and dvp! i had to get up at a scary 6:30am (can't remember the last time i woke up at 6:30am on a sunday) and biked down to the cne as it's pretty close to my home. as it was my first time doing this, i decided to play it safe and stuck to the 25km route.

the ride to the bayview exit was tough as it was mostly uphill, but the scenery was simply amazing. people don't usually get to enjoy the view of the city standing from the middle of the gardiner. i wish i had brought along my camera ... i'll have to remember to bring it along next year.

it took me 45 minutes to get to the halfway point, but thankfully they had all sorts of free fruits and water for everyone. after recharging, the trip back was a breeze - i did it in 35 minutes.

at the finish line, i received all sorts of useful information about eating healthy and so on. there was a free box of crackers, but they were made of soy protein and tasted really disgusting. i guess this is why i'll never be able to eat healthy. why can't healthy food taste good?

so, it was time for everyone to go home and get some rest ... but my day of bike riding had not ended yet! i still had to bike my way home ... that last 5km from the cne to high park seemed like an eternity. my legs were tired and i finally made it back, having successfully completely my "custom" 35km route.

i'll be back next year, with camera in tow. dare me to do the 50km route!

01 June 2005

proud owner of ... a new bike

with the upcoming becel ride for heart on sunday, i faced one minor problem ... i still didn't have a bike. i had put my bike purchase off for a very long time, but i could put it off no longer. so, i went to the sportchek store at square one after work today and bought a new bike! it's a 21-speed mountain bike with front and rear suspension, index shifters and shimano components, but it was pretty expensive at $315 before tax. i guess it's an investment, because i plan to keep this bike (unlike my previous one).

about my previous bike ... i bought it before i started my master's degree at waterloo, and i used it to bike to and from campus. having a bike allowed me to live a little further away from campus, but i wound up getting lazy and taking the bus quite often. the bike went with me to london, but it stayed there as i had no place to store the bike back in toronto. desperate to unload my old bike for at least some money before i left town, i managed to sell it to this young kid for $25, lock, bell, fenders and everything included.

i wonder where my old bike is now ...

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