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Random Thoughts

20 June 2004

boy those dragon boats look fun

yesterday pizza and i went to centre island to watch the dragon boat competition! i was surprised to see so many teams competing. even my old high school, mary ward css, entered a team! i think they placed second in their heat. there was one team in the recreational division called the "flying shanghai noodles", which i thought had to be the coolest team name ever.

while we were there, we rented one of the two-seater quadricycle bicycles. something interesting happened to the bell on the bike during our ride ... i'd say it here, but then pizza would kill me. all i can say is this ... she has a deadly right index finger!

oh yeah, i got transferred to another group at work recently. i suppose it's for the best as it's not a good idea to spend all of my time at the office doing the same thing. it also builds up my resume! i start with the new group on monday ... let's hope the work is half-interesting (or at least not sleep-inducing).

15 June 2004

starting to feel better

i guess the bland food diet that i've been placed on by my doctor is working, because my appetite is slowly returning and i haven't had to take an afternoon nap since friday. what i've been doing for meals is having mostly soups with crackers. all meats and veggies that i've prepared recently were boiled without any oil or spices. imagine eating stuff like that on a permanent basis ... yikes!

i'm going to see the doc again on thursday and hopefully he'll pronounce me fully healthy so that i can return to my regular diet! i think i'm going to splurge on chocolate ice cream and coffee ... mmm <homer simpson accent>... chocolate ice cream ... coffee ...

10 June 2004

i hate my stomach

well, according to the doc who i visited yesterday, i have a lingering stomach viral infection that doesn't seem to want to go away. i guess even though the severity of the illness diminished since last week, it didn't mean that the virus was gone, as i'm still suffering from a lack of appetite, tiredness, and a constant nauseated feeling.

so, in order to pacify my angry stomach and not worsen the infection, the doc gave me a list of foods that i'm not allowed to eat for one week. problem is ... just about every decent-tasting food appears on the list. some things like caffeine and fried foods i can deal with, but fruit skins? salads? oranges? i can't even have VITAMINS for crying out loud. i don't know if i can make it to next thursday on this diet.

furthermore, my tiredness is causing me to feel really sleepy at work ... i've noticed several times this week that i've almost dozed off during the day. not only this, i've had to take a nap after work every day. this is a really bad sign because i never take naps.

at least i learned one thing from this experience ... it's that if i'm not feeling well, i should see my doctor immediately instead of hoping that the problem will go away by itself.

08 June 2004

still not feeling 100%

after a miserable few days early last week, i returned to work last thursday even though i wasn't 100% healthy yet. well, it's been almost a week and i'm still not fully recovered. i have no idea what's wrong, but i'm feeling unusually tired and my appetite hasn't really returned. do these sound like the symptoms of a viral infection? anyways, i think it's time to visit my doctor and get this settled once and for all. hopefully the doc will have some answers.

in other news, looks like summer's finally here, but i really wish we could have summer without all of the nasty air pollution and smog. i turned on my a/c unit for the first time this year today and it's working beautifully. (in your face ming!)

01 June 2004

welcome to the killmenu, colonel sanders

i don't have much to say today, except that after eating at kfc on sunday afternoon i developed a sore throat, which developed into full-blown illness yesterday ... i was so sick yesterday i couldn't drive home from work. that's all i feel like saying for now.

oh yeah, one more thing ... i'm never eating kfc again.

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