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Random Thoughts

28 July 2004

the watermelon dilemma

i was at sobey's this past weekend when i suddenly had a craving for watermelon. usually, since i live by myself, i buy the pre-cut watermelon slices for about $2.30 each, which are plenty for one person. however, these slices are a total rip-off in terms of price. of course, down the aisle, they were selling whole watermelons for only $4.99, which was a (relatively) good deal.

so, should i have bought the pre-cut slice, knowing it was a rip-off, or should i have bought the whole watermelon, even though it would take me about five days to finish the whole thing? i guess that's one of the advantages of living in a large family ... they can save a lot of money by buying in bulk.

now my fridge smells like watermelon. in the meantime, if anyone wants some, come on over and help me out.

16 July 2004

bagels + cream cheese + tuna

having to clean out my kitchen today, i decided to take my last bagel, toast it, spread the last bit of cream cheese i had on it, and top it with my last can of tuna. the result was one of the most enjoyable meals i've had in awhile. take it from me. tuna cream cheese bagels are awesome.

11 July 2004

beach, boing boing, bubble tea and baby markus

hmm ... yesterday was another wonderfully fun but long day. i'll keep it short, so let's see ...