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Random Thoughts

13 February 2006

the pdi ... a little anticlimatic

since i already had my little pre-pdi a while ago, today's actual pdi was a little anticlimatic. upon entering the suite, i was glad to see that the blue film on the dishwasher had been removed. but of course, i didn't say anything about this to the menkes representative conducting the pdi. other than a big scratch on the kitchen countertop, a missing shelf in a lower cupboard and some paint touch-ups, the suite was in pretty good condition.

i received yet another package containing just about everything i needed to know about my new home. wooooo ... more reading material! 3 more weeks to go!

07 February 2006

fate, or free will?

people like to talk about stuff like predetermination and fate all the time, and particularly when bad things happen to themselves. what's your take on it?

i've always been a free will kind of guy ... just because the opposing hypothesis is way too far-fetched. to suggest that all of our futures are predetermined can be described as nothing more than pure fantasy, or hogwash.

for my oac english course, i read kurt vonnegut's slaughterhouse-five, an excellent book which argued against free will. even though it was very well written, and remains one of my favourite books to this day, vonnegut failed to win me over. i understand his argument; i just don't buy it. (i guess what i really enjoyed from that book was its poignant anti-war message.)

a consequence of fate is that its believers are predisposed to avoidance of responsibility for their actions - when something goes wrong, the school of fate always has its scapegoat ready. blaming the occurrence of life's many possible misfortunes on fate is at best irresponsible. would it not be better for one to at least take an honest look at why things went wrong, rather than blaming the sun, the moon, the stars, feng shui, various gods, or something else?

why do people believe in fate? i suppose it's the same reason why people believe in organized religion. but, i'll leave that can of worms closed until another time.

05 February 2006

another super bowl defeat, but i'm getting used to it

this year's annual super bowl pilgrimmage found us at smokey joe's cafe, in my soon-to-be new hood of yonge and sheppard. once again, the team i was cheering for lost the game - this is getting to be a ritual of sorts. i think the only time i ever managed to celebrate a super bowl victory in a bar was at kickoff in waterloo when the pats beat the rams.

the officiating was horrible. i can forgive this somewhat if roughly an even number of blown calls go against both teams, but tonight every major blown call went against the seahawks. granted, the seahawks didn't play their best game of the year. i'm not really a seahawks fan per se, but i can't stand the steelers.

the food itself at the restaurant left a lot to be desired. for a $15 buffet, i was expecting a lot more than 6 hot food options, and they were all appetizers (chicken wings, chili, fries, deep fried zucchini, meatballs and pizza rolls). the salads were the best part of the buffet, which i suppose says it all. i'm hoping there are other options in the neighbourhood - i'm sure i'll have plenty of time to look around and experiment.

on another note, could they please get someone under 60 years of age to do the halftime show next year? ever since janet jackson had her little mishap two years ago, the NFL has gone puritanical on us. i can't stand watching geezers like jagger and mccartney anymore.

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