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Random Thoughts

31 December 2004

another end ... another beginning

so it's the end of 2004 ... more on this later. i started the day at wal-mart, looking for the cheapest microwave i could find to replace the one i threw away before my trip. and, i hit the jackpot! they had one for the insanely low price of $38.88. i have no idea how wal-mart prices their stuff so low sometimes. now, if they could only do something about the ridiculous lineups at their cash registers ...

and YES, the microwave works ... i tested it!

i didn't do anything special at night ... just went up to scarborough to meet some friends for dinner, followed by the usual new year's eve celebration. interestingly, we wound up going to the exact same place for the countdown as last year. somehow, it didn't seem as fun this time around, possibly cause there were only 5 of us celebrating (last year we had 9 people). we didn't have francis around this time juggling sugar packets and showing off. but in all, it was still a good time.

and so, it's been a full year since i started my weblog. it's been such an eventful year and some things which happened to me this year were completely unexpected. but that's part of the mystery of life ... experiencing the unexpected and embracing the uncertainty of the future. i wonder what 2005 has in store for me? only time will tell ...

29 December 2004

great trip ... but not long enough

i'm back from las vegas and i had a great time! my only complaint was that the trip wasn't long enough ... in hindsight, it seems like a waste to spend a total of 10 hours sitting on a plane when we only spent three and a half days there. the next time i get on a plane for a vacation, i plan to stay for at least a week.

i did take lots of photos, almost 300 in fact, and it's going to take a while to upload them all. so, to people who are itching for photos, please be patient. also, i decided not to keep a journal of my trip, because there's nothing interesting culturally about las vegas - it's all hotels, casinos, shows and gambling. there really isn't much about vegas that you can't find out through the web or tourist guides. if there's anything you'd like to know about las vegas, just give me a shout!

due to the red-eye flight, i'm extremely tired and i'm just going to stay home for the rest of the day and get some rest. boxing week shopping (and my new microwave) can wait. it's a good thing i don't have to return to work until monday.

now ... time for some zzzs ...

24 December 2004

eve of our flight to las vegas

in preparation for my flight to las vegas on christmas morning, i got up at 5:45am on thursday, and 5:15am today. so, i hopefully won't have any problems getting up at 3am tomorrow. thank goodness there's all-night bus service on bloor/danforth straight to the airport, or i'd have to get up even earlier!! i never thought there'd be a day in my life in which i would wake up at 5:15am voluntarily. everyone who knows me knows that i'm an insufferable night owl who hates early mornings. this morning was great - i managed to get so much done before 8am, including breakfast at tim hortons. even though i'll probably revert to my old habits after this trip ends, it sure was fun experiencing life as a "morning person" for these two weeks.

on another note: after the fire in my microwave a few days ago, i cleaned out the charred interior of the microwave yesterday evening. however, while i was doing this, the glass turntable slipped and BANG!! shatterred into a thousand pieces on the floor. since a new glass turntable would cost about the same as the price of a new microwave, and since i'm not sure if the microwave is still safe to use after the fire, i decided to get rid of it and buy a cheap one when i return from vegas. even though my new condo includes a microwave as part of the appliance package, i'll still need one for the remainder of my stay here. (i'll try to sell it when i move out.) hopefully i'll be able to find some good boxing week sales next week.

lastly, i guess it's time to bid farewell to my microwave. although we only spent 2.5 years together, they were 2.5 fun years. i bought it when i subletted calvin's unit in waterloo towers for the second time, during my final term at waterloo, and it followed me west to london for a few months, sat in a storage locker in scarborough for a few months, and joined me here in high park for the last year and a half. you were always dependable and you lived long past the expiration of your warranty. i'll miss you.

so, it's farewell until i return from vegas. hopefully i'll have some pictures to share. i'll try to write a journal like the one i wrote for my trip to europe two years ago. until then, merry christmas to everyone, and take care.

22 December 2004

fire in the hole! i mean ... microwave

waking up this morning, i decided to heat up a cinnamon roll for breakfast - my sister bought it for me in vancouver and brought it all the way here. i set the microwave on for 2 minutes and went into the washroom.

when i came out, there was a STRONG smoky odour coming from the kitchen. i quickly ran over ... and the smoke was seeping out of the microwave! the cinnamon roll was on fire!! FIRE!!! fortunately it was extinguished quickly enough, but the smoke gave my entire apartment a acrid smoky atmosphere. even though it was chilly outside today, i left the balcony door open before i left for work, in an attempt to get some fresh air into my unit. it's now 14 hours after the incident and the smell hasn't gone away. not to mention, the interior of my microwave looks like a war zone. that's going to take a LONG time to clean properly.

it was only 2 minutes ... was that too long? i think another problem was that i didn't cover the cinnamon roll with anything. in any event, i'll definitely be more careful in the future.

21 December 2004

dentists be gone

today was dentist day, which ranks amongst the least favourite of my days of the year. i sat down in the comfy chair and settled in for 45 minutes of torture. after the excruciating ordeal, my bib was covered in blood, my gums were all sore and tears were rolling out my right eye. after that, i had to put with a long lecture about how i wasn't brushing my teeth properly, that i needed to start brushing 4 times a day, and that i needed to floss more regularly. blah, blah, blah. and oh yeah, now my dentist wants me to see her again in 3 months. yeah, right. even if my insurance plan covered visits that frequently (which it doesn't), i wouldn't come back. not only am i not a masochist, i'm perfectly happy living with imperfect teeth, thank you very much. does anyone else think my dentist is blowing things way out of proportion? the kicker is ... i have zero cavities too!

if there's one technological advancement i would like to see emerge from the 21st century, it would be the invention of a painless, non-invasive procedure for teeth cleaning. maybe some sort of laser could be used to loosen tartar buildup. maybe there exists some sort of saline solution, which when rinsed with, keeps teeth clean and plaque-free. i don't know.

it would be the greatest invention since the toothbrush.

20 December 2004

geb revisited

as you may recall from my weblog entries earlier this year, i started reading goedel, escher, bach, but never got around to finishing it. i got stuck in the boring middle section of the book, where hofstadter starts to talk about neurons and how the brain works on a high level. however, when he returned to the topic of logic in later chapters, my interest was renewed and i wound up reading entire chapters in a single night. i've finally reached page 570, and the end is almost in sight! let's hope the last few chapters are the most interesting ones!

19 December 2004

not much going on

hmm ... no update for 9 days. i suppose that's because not much has been going on for the past little while. i've finished all my christmas shopping, so that's a relief. my sister yvonne came home from the holidays on thursday, so that's good. and i'm leaving for vegas on christmas day. other than that, not much else is new.

since my flight on the 25th leaves at a ridiculously early time in the morning, i've been waking up earlier and earlier recently so that it won't be too difficult to get up at 3am that day. i've traditionally been a late-riser and it sure feels strange waking up before 7am, which i did both yesterday and today. this morning, i did my laundry, bought groceries, went to the bank, had breakfast, and filled up the gas tank, all before 10:30am. a few sundays ago, i would still have been sleeping at 10:30am. scary, huh?

10 December 2004

the raptors are a really bad team

tonight i attended my first raptors game ever at the acc! i saw them once a long time ago, but way back then, they still played in the skydome. tonight's game was against denver. the team currently offers a deal called "guys' night out" where for about $32 per person, you get a ticket in the upper bowl, one hot dog, one regular soft drink, and an extra-large t-shirt advertising miller genuine draft. so, a whole bunch of us went down to the acc after work.

now, i must admit that i'm definitely not a big basketball fan, and i don't follow the raptors closely at all. the only player on the team who i know is vince carter. however, i know a bad game when i see one. and boy, the raptors were horrible tonight. they were turning the ball over repeatedly, they didn't play good defense, and their shots just weren't finding the net. at one point they were down by 30. they somehow managed to close the gap in the 4th quarter but it was too little too late. they wound up losing 101-87.

i wouldn't mind going again, but i'd like to see a better product on the floor ... it's hard to justify watching a team that plays so poorly.

05 December 2004

a music-filled weekend

last night ciro and i went to roy thomson hall ($10 tickets again!) for an evening of wagner. although we had orchestra-level seats, row d, they weren't that great because we sat off to the side, right beside the double basses. <thump thump thump> but, the soprano had an excellent voice and she gave a great performance.

today was the hart house singers' christmas concert. this concert's program was shorter than the two previous concerts, as several songs got cancelled from the program at the last minute. however, i still had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. with each passing concert, i get less and less nervous getting up on stage with the group to perform. maybe next semester i'll actually have the courage to try a solo of some sort. we'll see.

after the concert i met with vince, mable and dominic at the peel pub downtown to discuss the plans for our upcoming trip to las vegas. the more i think about the trip, the more i can't wait to go! i really hope we get to go to the grand canyon, although from what i hear, it's a 4-hour drive from las vegas and i'm not sure if we can fit it into our 4-day schedule.

with choir and yoga finished for the year, my weeknight evenings are wide open this month. excellent ... i'm going to need lots of time to write christmas cards and buy presents ...

01 December 2004

happy birthday to me!

well, i'm another year older today. i've reached that point in life where birthdays are no longer big happy events that one looks forward to. oh well. i'm still young enough that i can enjoy them.

it's almost been a year since i've kept this log, and going back and reading my weblog entries has brought back a lot of memories, good and bad. one thing's for sure, it's been a very eventful year for me, and certainly a year which will stand out in my memory for a long time. also, i've already made my birthday wish for this coming year - but i can't tell any of you what it is, or it won't come true!

on another note this birthday has been a great one so far. i feel really guilty every year when my friends take me out and treat me to dinner. unlike most people, i don't have one close group of friends, but several smaller groups. so, what winds up happening every year around b-day time is that i wind up getting multiple celebrations. what i guess i should be is thankful to have so many great friends.

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